Keeping your engine in best condition

    Yanmar Engineering Co., Ltd. provides after-sales service for Yanmar engines installed in ships.
    We offer various maintenance services that keep your engines in best condition.
    And are there to support you in every aspect of engine maintenance.


    Online services that help crew’s marine engine maintenance with AI/ICT technologies.

    • IoT Platform


    SHIPSWEB is a digital-rich online service to support various kinds of engine usage.
    It helps you keep various jobs up to date and optimizes communications.


    This application makes it easy to upload engine data onto SHIPSWEB services.
    Simply upload data easily by inputting it directly through a smartphone or tablet.


    An IoT data platform for collecting all sorts of onboard information such as engine, cargo-handling, and navigation data.
    SHIPSWEB provides services in collaboration with other companies' IoT data platforms.


    This is a site dedicated to viewing service news (technical news). 
    In addition to searching and browsing news, you can download it.


    Services which our Expertise Engineers will directly repair or maintain your marine engine.

    • Regular inspection and maintenance
    • Actions in an emergency
    • Investigation and analysis

    • Commissioning

    Regular inspection and maintenance

    We will propose an optimal maintenance plan before interim and regular inspections of the vessel.
    Maintenance will include appropriate assessment and judgment from an engine maker's point of view. We can also dispatch a supervisor.

    Actions in an emergency

    In an emergency, Yanmar will utilize our global network to dispatch engineers to your ship to solve your problems quickly.

    Investigation and analysis

    We will diagnose your engine condition and help solve your problems with our extensive expertise and analysis technology.


    When building a new vessel or replacing an engine, our engineers will check the installed engine and its function at commissioning time, explain how to handle it, and provide technical service so you can make the most of its performance.


    We provide Yanmar marine engine’s original equipment parts and related parts quickly and accurately.

    • Genuine parts
    • Relevant parts

    Genuine parts

    To maximize engine performance, we recommend using only genuine Yanmar parts.
    You can quickly and accurately estimate part prices thanks to our database management of individual engines.

    Relevant parts

    We also sell cleaning agents and lubricant modifiers relevant to engine maintenance.


    Yanmar marine engine parts repair and exchange service.

    • Exchange service
    • Reconditioning service

    Exchange service

    Yanmar has an exchange service that enables you to maintain main parts safely and smoothly at low cost.
    Reduce the burden of normal repairs and parts costs. Our efficient vessel maintenance support makes for safe sailing.

    Reconditioning service

    To reduce your life-cycle costs, we will propose optimal solutions with parts reconditioning techniques, which includes our strong point of laser cladding technology.


    We provide technical support and training to ensure safe and efficient use and maintenance of Yanmar marine engines.

    • Training school
    • Technical seminars

    Training school

    We provide training at five locations in and outside Japan, so customers all around the world can easily operate Yanmar products safely and efficiently.
    The training environment is designed to meet the needs of beginners, skilled engineers and trainees with different jobs from countries right around the globe.

    Technical seminars

    We hold seminars to explain how to handle and maintain products locally using air motors, superchargers and other main parts.


    Should you have any opinions or inquiries regarding our services and products, please feel free to contact us.