YANMAR ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. also provides chemicals and additives for engine maintenance.

Turbocharger Detergent (KURIPEARL YF-2)


This detergent has the superior performance for removing contaminants from the turbine impeller and the casing upon disassembling the turbocharger.
Removes combustion residues included in the exhaust gas, (sulfur, vanadium, carbon, etc.) effectively.
This detergent is developed originally and environmentally friendly.

Air Cooler Detergent (KURIPEARL S320)


This detergent has the superior performance to clean the cooling pipe inside the air-cooler. The detergent is of the extremely low corrosiveness to metallic parts and excels in removing rusts. The neutral detergent is easy to be disposed of after use.
This detergent cleanses away even the deposit on the core of the cooling pipes.

Lubrication Oil Additives(Super Treat 915)


Super Treat is of the nature to penetrate into even fine clearances for sure and has superior detergent dispersant characteristics.
The mixed oil added with Super Treat, in comparison to ordinary lube oil, covers base oil particles more effectively for hampering the sludge production drastically on a particle level. Prevents lube oil degeneration for extending service life of products.