Genuine Parts

The ship engine will only perform to its full capacity by using genuine parts. YANMAR ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. will propose the best solution to our clients by managing the shipping history of components for every ship.
The engine specification and the delivery history of genuine parts are managed in a database by the serial number of each engine. Therefore we are able to provide users a quick and accurate parts quotation. This also allows us to order the same parts swiftly and reliably from the best location for our clients.

Parts Delivery System

User Information System

  1. Information storage management〈Ship's "Karte" System〉

    Our Ship's "Karte" System allows us to share engine information and history with our domestic and global bases.

  2. ghly reliable parts supply〈Parts Recommendation System〉

    This system allows us to deliver the best-fit parts depend on each serial number in a timely manner. (Parts Code Check/Parts Quotation System)

We carry out a rigorous and thorough security export control to ensure that terrorist organizations or countries that develop weapons of mass destruction do not exploit our exported products and technical intelligence.