Training Service


What is T.T.SCHOOL?

The mission of Technical Training School (TTS) is helping customers use Yanmar's products safely and efficiently.
For this purpose, we have developed an environment to accept trainees from beginners to experienced engineers, and those in various types of occupations from countries around the world.
As a result, we are operating five schools in Japan and overseas—the Amagasaki Plant, the Tsukaguchi Plant, Dalian in China, Clark in the Philippines and Mumbai in India. The total number of trainees for the five schools has been around 800 per year. We will continue to broaden the curriculum at TTS so as to respond to customer needs.


Technical Seminar

We conduct local seminars for operation and maintenance using main parts such as air motors and turbochargers.

Technical seminar

Maintenance seminar

Marine gear seminar


Governor Cut-model

Air Starter Cut-model