Yanmar Information System Service Co., Ltd, since its establishment in 1986, is the only company who is in charge of implementing IT strategies in the Yanmar group.

The Yanmar group was established in 1912, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012, and is setting [YF2112], the approaches to generate technology that can support the next 100 years. The Yanmar group is accelerating the speed of globalization and working on further business expansion.

The environment surrounding the IT industry has been changing globally and drastically. Especially, the speed of technological innovation is extremely fast and solutions capable of handling previously unsolvable tasks are continuously produced. With these changes, user needs are also diversifying and establishing comprehensive and efficient information systems that reflect the movement of the era is required.

YISS, as the only software company in the Yanmar group, is aiming to establish next-generation optimal information systems, based on the technologies and know-how of information system development that we have accumulated for a long time. By these, we are working on supporting the evolving Yanmar group's management strategies daily and achieving business innovation.

Also, in accordance with the Yanmar group's business globalization and information globalization, we try to reinforce computer systems that correspond to an open environment. By providing an information processing environment that includes advanced technology, we are establishing value-added systems that can utilize /share information speedily through networks connecting the Yanmar group's sales/manufacture/R&D locations spread out domestically and overseas.

Under these circumstances, we, Yanmar Information System Service Co., Ltd, as an actual promoter of innovation, are suggesting solutions that can exert IT performance to the maximum, totally supporting group business expansion and contributing to management.

Employees are always turning their eyes to the environment inside and outside the group, thinking of what to do, are never afraid of our changes, and are going on with business while always having a spirit to challenge. We have this corporate culture.