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Yanmar Europe B.V. and Yanmar Marine International B.V. are working on the Yanmar Bee Project

December 23, 2021
Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.

A group of volunteers from Yanmar Europe B.V. (YEU) and Yanmar Marine International B.V. (YMI) launched the Yanmar Bee Project in 2020. This initiative aims for Yanmar to contribute to a better environment and it also boosts team spirit among employees, helping them feel like they are contributing to something.

A lot of preparation was put into this project, including the preparation for two flowerbeds and building a canopy. Two bee colonies were permanently housed in spring 2020. A beekeeper gave us an introductory presentation, explaining how important bees are for both the ecosystem and food production. We can say that everything is going according to plan and are happy to report that our own bee colony – for the 1st time - has produced more than 60 jars of honey. The YEU and YMI volunteers will continue to work with beekeepers to get their input.

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