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Yanmar Capital Thailand Participates in Event to Support Farmers

September 14, 2022
Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.

Yanmar Capital Thailand Co., Ltd. (YCT) participated in community activities organized by the Department of Agricultural Extension (DOAE) of Thailand in Chachoengsao Province during July and August 2022. The DOAE organized farm data registrations in 10 villages in 4 rural districts to get local farmers register and update their agricultural data in a registry called “Farm Book”. Farm Book must be updated annually for farmers to receive government aid. To do so, farmers need to visit a DOAE office in the city. However, it is not easy because most of the farmers are elderly and live in remote areas. 200 to 400 farmers in each village have not been able to update their data for several years and could not receive support from current government-supported projects. Since DOAE does not have enough manpower to get such farmers registered outside of the office, YCT came to assist with administrative tasks. 33 YCT administrative staff members volunteered in events held in 10 different locations over a 10-day period. We took this opportunity to introduce our social media, Yanmar Thailand official LINE account. The account provides agricultural information and know-how exclusively to members. We offered fertilizer give away for new subscribers and helped elderly farmers subscribe to it. The event was successful, updated Farm Book of 2,890 households and helped 1,104 people register as official LINE account members. This was the first collaboration with a local government that benefited local farmers. YCT hopes to continue our CSR activities like this one in various actions and in different regions in Thailand to help local farmers to aim for a better life and business more convenient way.

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