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Yanmar Engine Shandong Supports Community Efforts

October 7, 2022
Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.

Donations to a charity campaign for people with disabilities

In China, there is a saying, "Send roses, and bring fragrance and love," which means that what brings joy to others also brings joy to oneself. A charity campaign with this proverb was organized by Qingdao Laixi Rukang Home, a support facility for people with disabilities. Donations raised through this campaign will be used for its residents to improve their facility. YSD supports local charity campaigns. The president attended the ceremony and received a letter of appreciation for the donation of RMB 30,000.

Enjoyed Children’s Day with local kids

June 1 is Children's Day in China. On this day, YSD participated in an event themed "Children's Fun with You" held by the Experimental Elementary School of the Qingdao Processing Zone. It offered a variety of games for both children and other participants. YSD sponsored a ball relay, providing 10 thermal mugs as prize for the winning team. The social event gave us a good opportunity to get together with the local citizens, and also reminded us to fulfill our responsibilities as a member of the community.

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