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YANMAR ASIA(SINGAPORE)CORPORATION engaged in CSR activities such as food banks

November 28, 2022
Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.

In-house training on recycling

On April 22nd, which is Earth Day, YANMAR ASIA(SINGAPORE)CORPORATION (Hereinafter, YASC) held face-to-face and Teams lectures for employees about recycling, under the name of "YANMAR Asia Earth Day 2022". 61 people, about 90% of all employees, participated.
Recycling is one of the activities that YASC is actively working on. During the course, we were reminded what can be recycled and what cannot. First, few people were able to correctly answer whether what could be recycled, and in the past, there have been cases where items that could not be recycled were mixed in the separate bins for recycling.
We hope that through this course, our employees will acquire awareness and correct knowledge about recycling, and will actively work on recycling.

Participating in food bank activities

YASC conducts CSR activities every year on July 25, the anniversary of its founding. In 2022, 61 people, or about 90% of YASC employees, participated in the activities of the charity organization “The Food Bank Singapore” as volunteers. YASC volunteers donated 180 health food packets to economically disadvantaged seniors and helped pack and deliver the health food to their homes.
We believe that this activity will promote awareness of healthy living among the elderly. YASC volunteers worked on this activity with the message that they want the elderly to eat a lot of fruits, boost their energy and immunity with the vitamins in fruits, and smile and stay healthy.