Football. It’s a universal language. A universal culture. It has no boundaries. The results can frustrate and anger. Its road is harsh, agonising, littered with disappointments. Still, it gives us the opportunity to keeo on striving, building the confidence to realise that ultimate goal. Enriching and fulfilling people’s lives.


In 1957, Japan still didn’t have a professional football league. At the time, we were aiming to enter overseas markets and expand our business, and at an early stage focused our attention on football, a sport with an organization-oriented and global nature - elements indispensable for Yanmar’s continued development. We then decided to establish the Yanmar Diesel Soccer Club. In 1965, the team joined the Japan Soccer League (JSL) as the Kansai region representative. The 1970s were the team’s golden era, winning the league championship four times and the Emperor’s Cup three times, quickly becoming one of Japan’s major football clubs.

In 1993, Cerezo Osaka was formed out of the Yanmar Diesel Soccer Club. In 1994, they became champions of what was then the Japan Football League (JFL), and in 1995 were promoted to the J.League. Cerezo Osaka, giving it their all every match, continue to receive the support of their many fans.

Having celebrated our 100th anniversary in 2012, we are seeking to uncover new forms of prosperity based on our vision of “A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE” . Football is now played by over two hundred fifty million people in over two hundred countries. It’s the most popular sport in the world, and forms part of Yanmar’s identity. We want to help the world transcend national borders and languages to become “one team” through football, as well as contribute to the formation of societies that are filled with exciting and enriching experiences.

Over the next 100 years, Yanmar will continue to take the lead in forming a newly prosperous world through football.