Proven by Nature

Jan 24, 2019

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Many people dream of bravely sailing into the sunset in search of new horizons and exciting experiences. Whether you are an adventure seeker realizing long-held desires of crossing the world’s oceans, or simply enjoy the thrill of chartering a boat with family and friends for island-hopping cruises, there’s no doubt that a catamaran offers the promise of unforgettable adventures.

Exhilarating performance in harmony with nature, easy maneuvering, luxurious comfort and space – it’s easy to see why demand for catamarans is increasing, especially in the burgeoning charter market.

As a result, a new partnership between a pioneering French boat builder and a world-renowned Japanese marine engine manufacturer is already making big waves in this growing sector of the maritime market.

Catana has built a reputation over three decades for setting high standards in offshore performance, comfort and safety. Yanmar has more than a century of experience in building one of the world’s finest, most reliable and durable diesel engines.

With increasing numbers of leisure users choosing catamarans, the time is right for these two innovative, well-established companies to join forces and deliver superior watercraft to an expanding customer base.

Discovering new horizons together

For Catana President Olivier Poncin, enabling customers to discover new horizons was one of the main reasons that drove him to design a new ‘Bali’ range of catamarans. Launched in 2014, they have attracted a phenomenal amount of interest – and a full order book – from charter companies and private customers.

Charter companies have found Yanmar engines to be reliable over many years. They might plan to run a boat for up to ten years, so having a Yanmar is not only important for anticipating running costs, but also for adding resale value.

The advantages for private buyers are similar. Reliable engines from an established company dedicated to service with one of the largest networks in the world mean owners can rest as-sured, knowing their yacht is powered by Yanmar.

“It is important that we lead the field in providing the most efficient, reliable and responsive marine diesel engines for this flourishing market,” says Director of Sales and Marketing at Yanmar Floris Lettinga. “This world-class partnership will allow us to deliver the many benefits of our marine engines to Catana and Bali owners.”

Yanmar’s commitment to the environment drives the development of reliable, durable and powerful products that not only realize sustainable solutions to the challenges customers face, but help ensure a better world for future generations.

Yanmar offers a choice of marine engine options to power catamarans, which have been designed to be the ‘best in class’ across five key aspects: clean, interconnectivity, quiet, powerful, and fuel efficient.

The engines surpass strict global emission standards for virtually odor- and smoke-free op-eration, and are uniquely engineered to integrate with the latest electronic components and multi-function displays for advanced engine monitoring and control. They are extremely fuel efficient, minimizing consumption and optimizing performance with precise, digitally-controlled fuel injection.

Furthermore, the JH common rail and 4LV series are the perfect solution for new builds and repowering, due to their compact size that allows them to easily fit into previous model footprints. Offering quiet operation, superior torque and low vibration levels, these connected, smart and environmentally responsible engines enable quick and precise maneuvering, and have also been designed for easier boatyard installation.

Peace of mind, wherever you set sail

With a large global marine sales and service network (operational in more than 130 countries) Yanmar dealers can be found across the world — even in remote places. They have thoroughly trained and fully-equipped staff with access to the complete range of genuine Yanmar parts, and are ready to help with in-depth advice and hands-on assistance. This means that Catana customers can leave the port in search of exciting adventures with complete confidence. They will only need to focus on the enjoyment and pleasure their catamarans offer.

“…the only engine they would use is Yanmar,”

“I’ve had customers tell me they want to make a round-the-world trip, and that the only boat they would consider using is a Catana — and the only engine they would use is Yanmar,” confirms Olivier. “Our brand is well known for the capability of its boats, and with the progress made, I believe that the diesel engine is today the best choice to make these kinds of trips.

“When I started the Bali brand, we were in the process of signing contracts for orders. Some of the charter companies said that they would only sign with us if we used Yanmar engines. For them, it made sense in terms of service, spare parts and peace of mind.”

Maximum performance now and in the future

Yanmar’s mission is to provide sustainable solutions that enrich and improve people’s lives. Working in a long-term partnership with Catana allows the two companies to deliver memorable experiences to customers discovering exciting new horizons, as Olivier concludes.

“We are not interested in changing our partnership every few years. When you have a good relationship with a supplier, you trust each other’s capacity to work on future development together. Trust and common goals are important. This is why I hope to work with Yanmar for many years.”