Manchester United gets Better with Yanmar


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On 18 May 2017, Yanmar officially handed over the new YT359 tractor to the grounds staff of Manchester United. The tractor was entirely customized to Manchester United’s colors, with wheel covers with Manchester logo and Yanmar labeling. The tractor was bought for ground maintenance at the Aon training complex in Manchester. Yanmar sponsored the Premier League football club from September 2012 through to May 2018, through financial means. With the support of the tractor, Manchester United’s top performance was firmly grounded on Yanmar technology too. Marc van der Wurf, Area Sales Manager of the Agricultural Equipment Department of Yanmar Europe B.V. went to the UK to observe training.

“When we first met the grounds staff at the Aon training complex, the YT3 had already arrived a few days earlier at the grounds. The tractor was neatly parked outside the office, where we met Joe Pemberton, Head Grounds Man of the training complex, “says Marc. Next to Marc van der Wurf, a representative from Cheshire Turf Machinery through E.P. Barrus, a local dealer who will do future maintenance on the YT3, and Mr. Asano from the Overseas Business Promotion Division Agricultural Operations Business of Yanmar Japan were present.

Instruction and test drive

“When we started our introduction, the entire staff of 10 to 14 persons joined. We explained the main functionality of the YT3, the new engine and of course the special features and settings of the iHMT transmission. After the instruction, some of the grounds men also drove and tested the YT3. Unfortunately, we could not go enter the training field for any actual testing,” says Marc.

Enthusiastic response

The grounds men really liked its comfort and user-friendliness

The YT3 was mainly used to maintain the grass of the football pitch in the Aon training complex and was well received. The grounds men really liked its comfort and user-friendliness and were very enthusiastic about the design and use of materials. In less than an hour, the grounds staff were fully up-to-date with the new tractor and went back to work to maintain the fields where Manchester United were training for the upcoming UEFA game against Ajax Amsterdam in Stockholm. We all know how that ended.

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