Towards a Sustainable Future: Yanmar Launches Stage V Novelties at Agritechnica


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Emission standards for new non-road vehicles and equipment, such as tractors and agricultural machinery, are becoming increasingly stringent. Each update introduces new challenges. Stage V, scheduled to be implemented in 2019/2020, introduces a new requirement to reduce Particulate Number (PN) next to continued control of particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

Towards a sustainable future

Delivering on our promise to develop innovations which contribute to a sustainable future,

Delivering on our promise to develop innovations which contribute to a sustainable future, YANMAR has already prepared for the new emissions standard. Two new products, the 3TNV80FT Stage V-compliant engine, and the 4TNV98C Stage V Power Pack were launched at Agritechnica, which was held in Hanover, Germany from 12-18 November 2017. With 2,803 exhibitors and 450,000 visitors, Agritechnica is the leading international trade fair for agricultural machinery.

The new, 18.4 kW diesel engine

YANMAR’s new 18.4 kW, 3TNV80FT industrial diesel engine is developed for agricultural, landscaping and construction machinery in the small industrial market and combines high power in a compact package. The specific power output is chosen deliberately as it avoids the need for an expensive after treatment system, which is mandatory for engines above 19 kW for the Stage V emission standard in Europe. Low emission targets have not comprised on fuel efficiency. The engine design is compact, fulfilling market requirements for use on small machines. Furthermore, it comes with quiet and smooth operation, low vibration, long service intervals and easy maintenance.

4TNV98C Power Pack

Furthermore, we released the 4TNV98C Power Pack. This Power Pack is Stage V compliant and is the first power pack within the Yanmar range which comes as a fully Stage V standardized package, ready to install. Power Packs are typically used by smaller OEMs, who usually work with more general specifications, for which no customization is required in our fully authorized factory in Japan. All Stage V power packs will be rolled out to our distributors from now until the first half of 2018.

Our Partnership Has No Downtime

Since we are constantly striving to improve our products and service to our partners and limit downtime in all aspects, Agritechnica also had the launch of a new campaign: Our Partnership Has No Downtime. Are you curious on how this campaign will work? Watch out for the next Y-News to learn more.