Yanmar Hosts Japan’s First Sailing and Wake Surfing Event, the Yanmar Premium Water Festa 2017 In Biwako

Apr 4, 2017

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The Yanmar Premium Water Festa organizing committee is carving a new path for marine sports in Japan with the Yanmar Premium Water Festa 2017 In Biwako which was held at the Yanmar Sunset Marina in Moriyama, Shiga Prefecture, Japan, on Sunday May 21.

Joining together the long running and well-loved Yanmar Cup In Biwako open sailing competition with the first Japan Wake Surfing Association (JWSA) organized national wake surfing championship, this marine sports event was held for the first in Japan bringing these two different sports together on the same waters. The JWSA was established on April 3, 2017 (read more on the association below).

Taking place for the third time this year, the Yanmar Cup In Biwako yacht race is an exhilarating display of skill as the teams take the wind in their sails and glide forward into a grueling race for victory on the waters of Japan’s Lake Biwa.
Yachting requires dexterous maneuvering for skills such as adjusting the angle of the sails so that the yacht doesn’t tip over when there is a crosswind or for hoisting an added sail to take up a tailwind to gain extra speed.

The Japan Wake Surfing Championship is the first tournament organized by the JWSA that is based on international standards. The JWSA was established on April 3, 2017 with the purpose of fostering the growth of marine sports culture in Japan.
Yanmar supported the establishment of JWSA as they share the same ideals alongside aiming to create inspiring experiences for people through marine sports.

Enjoying yoga on the water.

Surfing on the wake behind a boat, known as wake surfing, is a new and rapidly growing sport. In addition to being an activity that can be enjoyed by all ages and all genders, in America and elsewhere the sport is being further established and developed for competition.

In a Japanese first, this marine sports festival allowed visitors to partake in a variety of activities and enjoy gourmet food events which were hosted alongside the main spectacle on the water.
At “Stand Up Paddle (SUP)” visitors could try their hands at surfing standing up while paddling with an oar; strengthen their sense of balance with “SUP Yoga,” or get a taste for speed while riding on a personal watercraft. Furthermore, at the Premium Marche visitors savored premium quality produce from carefully selected top producers and enjoyed local and international flavors at Kitchen Car.

Yachts approach the Yanmar buoy.

About The Establishment of the Japan Wake Surfing Association

Riding on the waves of increased popularity for wake surfing throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, the Japan Wake Surfing Association was established on April 3, 2017 as a representative body, joining wake surfing in Japan with the international wake surfing community for the first time.

1. Japan Wake Surfing Association (JWSA) Purpose and Principles

The Japan Wake Surfing Association aims to establish wake surfing as a sport that exists side by side with nature, while also managing the operations of the association and aiding in the enhancement of the sport’s environment for professionals and amateurs alike.

Additionally, the association aims to work together with international bodies to provide recommended standards for fairness and consistency in tournaments and events for the purpose of maintaining a sound competitive environment.
JWSA always has the people who love and wake surfing at the forefront, working to support all persons in the wake surfing industry, businesses included, while also promoting the growth and development of the sport.

Furthermore, wake surfing provides Japan with the chance to show off the amazing nature and beautiful oceans, lakes and rivers which it is blessed with, and through such means it is contributing to ensuring that our future generations can lead valuable and enriched lives.

2. JWSA Information

  • Official Name: Japan Wake Surfing Association
  • Established: April 3, 2017
  • Location: 1380 Mizuho-cho, Moriyama city, Shiga Prefecture, Japan
  • Representative Director: Yoshihiro Kawasaki

Japan Wake Surfing Association (JWSA) Home Page (Japanese)

3. What is Wake Surfing?

The thrill of wake surfing.

4. Activities of the JWSA

In order to achieve its purpose and principles, JWSA is working to improve the sporting environment in a variety of ways. JWSA is also devising and implementing measures to address larger public issues which individual shops, wake surfers and designated areas cannot solve on their own.

・Forming connections with top international organizations such as the CWSA and ACWSF to improve the environment for competition, so that wake surfers in Japan can raise their level to compete in the international arena.

Forming connections with top international organizations such as the CWSA and ACWSF to improve the environment for competition, so that wake surfers in Japan can raise their level to compete in the international arena.

・Building a Conducive Environment for Recreational Wake Surfing

Improving the environment for recreational wake surfing through offering advice and support to shops, who serve as a point of contact for people to get their first taste of wake surfing, as well as implementing thorough safety measures to ensure that the sport can be enjoyed in a relaxed and carefree manner.

・Promoting the Growth of Competitive and Recreational Wake Surfing

Public advertising of tournaments and JWSA activities to expand awareness of the sport and aid its growth and development.

・Environmental Conservation Efforts to Create a Harmonious Balance Between Nature and Society

Leading improvement initiatives aimed at encouraging correct manner in relation to disposal of garbage and the reduction of noise, addressing issues of disturbances to the natural and societal environment and building a sustainable environment for the sport.