Towards a Resource Recycling Society


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As Yanmar looks to the next 100 years with its brand statement of “A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE”, the Group is engaged in research and development around the world to achieve prosperity for humanity and maintain a rich and diverse natural environment.

Yanmar has six research facilities worldwide including three in Japan: the Research & Development Center in Maibara, the Bio Innovation Center Kurashiki Laboratory, and the Bio Innovation Center Marine Farm, as well as three centers located outside Japan: Yanmar R&D Europe in Firenze, Italy, the Yanmar (Shangdon) R&D Center in China, and Malaysia’s Yanmar Kota Kinabalu R&D Center (YKRC).

Food shortages from a growing world population and the challenge of meeting the rising demand for energy are global problems. Yanmar is engaging in basic research to develop solutions to tackle these challenges of the future. YKRC conducts research towards achieving efficient food production and realizing a steady energy supply. One of the keys to solving these issues is to promote bio technology for aquafarming and to focus on energy diversification and efficiency.

A research pioneer of efficient energy use

YKRC was the first Yanmar research and development center to be established outside Japan.
As the new hub for biomass research in Asia, YKRC collaborates with the R&D Center in Maibara to develop renewable organic resources (excluding fossil fuels) and ways to utilize new energy sources such as biomass.

As issues of depletion of resources and environmental degradation come to the fore, Yanmar, a global leader in efficient energy use, is working to develop environmental solutions for renewable resource management.
Within YKRC, three research departments: the Sustainable Solution Creation Group, the Engine R&D Group, and the Analysis Group work together as a team to collaborate on and solve these problems.

Aquaponics: a next generation food production system

The Sustainable Solution Creation Group conducts research into aquaponics, a food production system of tomorrow. Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture and hydroponic culture – a system of feeding fish and using the waste, decomposed by microorganisms, as nutrients for plants. Water filtered through these plants then provides a clean environment for the fish, creating an ecological system of its own.

By eliminating soil maintenance and irrigation, this farming technique distinguishes itself as an eco-friendly food production system which protects the environment and increases productivity. YKRC’s has recently increased its aquaponics research capabilities with a larger marine tank.

Yanmar leverages its own high value technology to create biotechnology farming and aquafarming solutions.

In a world that demands innovation, Yanmar leverages its own high value technology to create biotechnology farming and aquafarming solutions.
Another group is utilizing advanced fuel technology in combination with cutting-edge chemical analysis to develop solutions to the issues facing society.

Biodiesel R&D

Yanmar, a pioneer of small diesel engines, is working hard on its research to produce engines that are safe, clean, and waste not even a single drop of fuel.

At YKRC, the warm weather of Malaysia is suitable to perform reliability evaluation and long-term durability testing for next generation engine equipment. The center is also a leading facility for research into renewable biodiesel technology.

The work carried out at the center involves development of a recycling system for converting used cooking oil into biodiesel for generators to produce electricity. Research continues toward a solution and YKRC is carrying out testing and evaluation to develop resource recycling energy applications. If this solution can be put into practical use, cooking oil otherwise disposed of from restaurants, hotels, and small island resorts, could be recycled to generate electricity, realizing a society where renewable resources contribute to energy production.

In line with the corporate mission of maintaining “A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE,” YKRC promotes research and development of food and energy solutions for the ASEAN region, to meet customer needs and to keep pace with a rapidly changing world.