A compact carrier with a classic design. This little machine is up for any challenge.

A town carrier which is easy-to-use and full of power.
In addition to the excellent transport facilities and easy access to narrow spaces, improved durability, easy maintenance, and environment performance contribute to increasing efficiency and comfort in operations any narrow place.

Can easily access narrow work-sites
Slim & compact design

The machine can easily access narrow spaces with its 950 mm slim body.
This compact machine also has enhanced turning capabilities in narrow spaces with its 2570 mm height and R-type rear frame.

Rugged Loading Platform

Floor plate thickness:4.5 mm
Gate post thickness:3.2 mm

It's sturdy structure is another feature that makes this machine very durable.

Equipped with 3 hooks to hang ropes when loading it into a truck

The vehicle frame can be firmly fixed in place using 4 hooks provided in the track frame when loading it onto a truck. While safely transporting the machine, this also protects the truck frame from shock caused by vibrations during.

Equipped with 3 suspension hooks for lifting operations

This machine is equipped with suspension hooks for lifting materials using the 3-point suspension method.

Comes equipped with foldable ROPS * bar and seatbelt

These features on the YANMAR C12R-B reduce risk and improve safety for operators when they operate the machine on slopes, soft terrains, and other potentially hazardous worksites.

  • ROPS: Roll-Over Protective Structure(A structure to protect the operator wearing a seat belt, in case the machine rolls over)

Foldable ROPS * bar

The ROPS bar can be folded by removing a pin, allowing the vehicle to access areas with height restrictions.

  • ROPS: Roll-Over Protective Structure(A structure to protect the operator wearing a seat belt, in case the machine rolls over)
  • Do not fold the ROPS bar while the machine is in operation.

Forward / Reverse Lever

Use the lever to move backwards or forwards, and to operate the machine safely and accurately.

Travel pedal (Right side)

Run by using the pedal at the operator's feet.

Equipped with an eco-friendly and silent engine

Equipped with a diesel engine which has a water-cooled 4-cycle mechanism compliant with the strict regulations (Europe), the machine has powerful operation performance and low-noise levels of Class No. 1.

  • Based on YANMAR's measurement method.

Has a dump bed for the easy transport of materials

The perfect long-shaped dump bed makes it easy to transport long materials.

Equipped with an easy-to-unload hydraulic dump bed

Easy to operate as the dump bed can be easily raised or lowered with hydraulics.

Operators have good visibility and can easily use the console from the center operation seat

The operator drives the carrier from the center of the vehicle frame, giving the operator an unobstructed view on all sides.
Further, the operator can easily get in or out of the carrier from either side with the walk-through type semi-flat deck, making it very comfortable.