Safe, easy and stable operations.

  • ※1ROPS:Roll-Over Protective Structure
  • ※2FOPS:Falling Object Protective Structures.

True Zero Tail Swing

Works efficiently and can be operated without worrying about the tail swing.
The excavator body stays within the machine width.
This helps reduce the operator's efforts and work time.

Extension of the Blade arm

The Blade arm is extended compared with the previous model. It makes easier to collect objects by using blade and bucket.

Light (LED) reaching wide, covers the large working area.

LED light with 2-level control system

Level 1:Boom light only
Level 2:Lights up all

LED lights are designed considering light distribution for operating in dark worksite. Comparison of LED light and Halogen light distribution [compared to our company's products]

  • This picture describes with lux unit. Lux is unit of illuminance.