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Ideal Power Source for Your Machinery ――To make your ideal engine a reality――

To build the customer’s ideal
high-performance engine.

To make high performance engines making your ideal a reality
YANMAR has continued producing high performance engines for years.
Our professionals in each division, fundamental research, development, production, and aftersales support, seek craftsmanship toward maximizing customers` value.
We promise to deliver engines fulfilling advanced technologies and your requirements under outstanding quality control.
We promise to be your ultimate partner striving for engines which fulfill your requirements and make your ideal a reality.

Fundamental Research

Forefront research to shape the future standards.

YANMAR has been running its own R&D center for over 60 years.
To overcome the challenges that customers face and deliver value that exceeds their expectations over the long-term, it has continued unique research for producing highly advanced powertrain.


Product Development

To fulfill customer requirements with a high versatility and customization

YANMAR develops engines based on unique technologies from its fundamental research.
With our Base Engine Design Division, individual customer requirements are incorporated right from the design phase, and the many engineers of our Application Design Division customize each engine with exacting attention to detail, producing results which truly embody our customer’s vision for the ideal engine.


Production System

Multiproduct mixed production and high ratio of in-house production

YANMAR has evolved the just-in-time system, the state of the art of Japanese manufacturing, and realized its unique multiproduct mixed production line.
The Biwa factory, its home YANMAR vertical water-cooled engines, is capable of more than 2000 models and 400,000 units per year.
Additionally, it has high ratio of in-house production from casting of engine core parts to fuel injection system.


Aftersales Support

“Right by your side, no matter where you are.

Our engines are backed up with trust worthy YANMAR global aftersales network.

Industrial Engines Inquiries and Support