Yanmar After-sales Support

To keep providing safe and economical cruising.

Yanmar's diesel-powered machinery is used to propel and generate electricity onboard giant tankers, freight liners, ferries, deep sea fishing vessels, and a variety of other boats. Yanmar Engineering is a total support company which handles management, maintenance, repairs, and parts supplies for engines installed in these kinds of domestic and international vessels.
Since most of the vessels we manage are being used overseas, we are in the process of establishing independent bases of operation in 6 different countries, so we can respond promptly and efficiently to all our customers' inquiries. Working in cooperation with Yanmar's overseas subsidiaries, we provide attentive aftersales services.
We will provide our customers with memorable service, continuing to provide safe and economical cruising with trustworthy technology and reliability backed up by our abundant experience

Yanmar After-sales Support Inquiries and Support