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Yanmar Museum and Training Center Ground-breaking Ceremony

May 11, 2012
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

With 2012 welcoming the 100th anniversary of its founding, Yanmar has embarked on two projects to celebrate the centennial. In Nagahama, Japan, the birthplace of its founder, Magokichi Yamaoka, preparations for construction of the Yanmar Museum (provisional naming) and the Yanmar Global Learning Center (provisional naming) continue apace. Today sees another landmark with the performance of the "jichinsai" – a Shinto ground-breaking ceremony on the sites of the museum and the learning center.

The museum is based on the concept of allowing visitors to experience the contributions that Yanmar’s vibrant past has made to the development of industry while gaining insight into its bold future directions, in a structure that emphasizes effective utilization of energy and harmony with the environment. The design has almost been finalized (see image below), with work progressing on plans for the museum displays.

On an adjacent site, the learning center will educate Group personnel, instilling a consistent level of understanding of the Management Principles and Mission Statement through its training programs. Like the museum, the design is all but complete (see image below), and the training programs are rapidly falling into place.

Both utilize Yanmar's own energy efficient GHP air conditioning and micro cogeneration systems together with solar photovoltaic generation, to realize facilities that are both ecologically and economically sound.

1. Facility Outline: Yanmar Museum (provisional naming):

1-1. Location: Nagahama city, Shiga prefecture, Japan
1-2. Building: 2 story steel-framed structure; Total floor area: approx. 3000 m2
1-3. Inauguration: March 2013 (Note: within the Japanese fiscal year 2012)

Exterior View of the Museum
Exterior View of the Museum

2. Facility Outline: Yanmar Global Learning Center (provisional naming):

2-1. Location: Nagahama city, Shiga prefecture, Japan
2-2. Building: 3 story ferroconcrete structure; Total floor area: approx. 2500 m2
2-3. Inauguration: February 2013 (Note: within the Japanese fiscal year 2012)

Exterior View of the Center
Exterior View of the Center

Please refer to the Yanmar 100th Anniversary website for details of Yanmar's century of history and an introduction to the new Mission Statement.

Yanmar 100th Anniversary website Japanese versionEnglish versionChinese version

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