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Yanmar Announces Official Sponsorship of the National Football Teams of Cambodia, Laos and the Maldives

November 4, 2015
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

On November 4, Yanmar announced official sponsorship of the national football teams of Cambodia, Laos and the Maldives.

Since the formation of its very own football team in 1957, Yanmar has made constant efforts towards the promotion of football. A Partner Company of Japan-based Cerezo Osaka which has produced such talented players as world famous Shinji Kagawa, Yanmar is also an Official Global Partner for Manchester United, top club of the English Premier League and one of the most widely supported football teams in the world

With a view to expanding its business in Southeast Asia and the Maldives, Yanmar is working to raise brand awareness in the region through sports communication and enhance the livelihood of people through the passion and spirit of challenge that football inspires. Its ties here also include sponsorship of the AFC Champions League and other national teams and clubs. In its new capacity as an Official Sponsor, Yanmar will support the three national teams from the 2015-2016 season, actively contributing to the promotion of football in each region.

The past decade has seen significant mechanization in Southeast Asian agriculture, with further growth expected for the future. These prospects make Cambodia and Laos countries of particular interest for Yanmar and promising markets for the various agricultural machinery the company manufactures. In the Maldives, Yanmar powers the vast majority of the country’s ferries, fishing and cruise boats, and enjoys a favorable reputation in the market for the high quality and reliability of its diesel engines. The company will continue to provide the market with high quality products and services, towards enhanced levels of customer satisfaction.

Yanmar is confident that this partnership will further promote the company's presence and activities, and substantially contribute to the further popularization of football.

Teams’ Outline:

Cambodia National Football Team

Head coach: Lee Tae-Hoon
FIFA ranking: 186, as of October 2015

Laos National Football Team

Head coach: Steve Darby
FIFA ranking: 179, as of October 2015

Maldives National Football Team

Head coach: Ricki Herbert
FIFA ranking: 176, as of October 2015

Sponsorship Details:

The national football teams of Cambodia, Laos and the Maldives
Matches organized in each of the three countries by the local football federations
Yanmar logo on the pitch-side advertising boards, backboards, each team’s practice jerseys, together with match tickets and other promotions
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