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Yanmar Acquires Majority Stake in German Maker RMB AG

November 26, 2015
Yanmar Co., Ltd,

Yanmar has announced acquisition of a majority stake in RMB AG, German manufacturer of micro cogeneration systems.

As a leading supplier of innovative energy solutions, Yanmar is aiming to assume market leadership in the micro cogeneration unit sector and intends to launch the neoTower® on a global basis. In addition to the European home market of the high-efficiency cogeneration unit, the North American market also offers tremendous potential.

"With YANMAR as our strategic partner we are systematically continuing what we began in 2014 with the very successful development of a new generation of cogeneration units - the Premium M+ performance class; production of a family of premium cogeneration units based on the YANMAR industrial engines," explains Jens Brake, CEO of RMB. RMB AG operates on a European basis as a manufacturer and supplier of premium cogeneration units. With the neoTower®, the company has developed a micro cogeneration unit that sets new standards with regard to compact design, smooth running, efficiency and user friendliness. With the neoTower® 30.0 for YANMAR, a specialist in the very latest engine technology, RMB AG developed a premium cogeneration unit that is specifically designed for YANMAR’s robust gas engines. From now on YANMAR will be exclusively supplying RMB AG with a number of additional engines in various performance classes for a wide range of innovative products.

"The most important factor was the technology," comments Akihiro Nishimura, General Manager of YANMAR Energy System Business Unit. "From our viewpoint, with its neoTower®, RMB AG has the best product on the market. The energy efficiency is very high and the development speed very fast. During our cooperation in development we had the idea to come together."

With YANMAR, RMB AG has gained a strategic partner that will allow the company access to international markets. RMB AG will continue its independent operations within the YANMAR Group. As a strong partner, YANMAR will make its sales and service networks available and therefore create valuable synergies. RMB AG will make use of its technological head start in the cogeneration unit field combined with innovative YANMAR engines for international market success. The products will continue to be marketed under the name neoTower® and are aimed at owners of residential properties, small and medium enterprises, hotels as well as use in industrial applications. Henning Brake, CEO of RMB AG, summed up as follows: "The association of both companies lends us more strength in international markets. We are starting out on a journey together to a new world of efficient energy utilization."

About RMB AG

RMB AG, based in Saterland in Lower Saxony, Germany, is a manufacturer of cogeneration units. The neoTower® with its four performances classes Premium S, Premium M, Premium M+ and Premium L offer an electrical power range of 5.0 to 50.0 kilowatts. With a modern component configuration, cleverly designed noise insulation and an intuitive control unit, the systems set new standards on the market and are compact, quiet, robust, efficient and user-friendly.

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