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Yanmar’s “Premium Design” Tractor Makes an Appearance at Osaka Autumn Party Parade

November 27, 2015
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

In Japan, where the number of pro farmers and agricultural collectives are on the rise, there is an ever greater need for agricultural equipment that delivers high productivity and efficiency, while at the same time contributes to overall operational cost reduction. And Yanmar’s flagship large-size YT series tractor does just that. Designed with four principles in mind, being proud, comfort, control, and potential, sales in Japan commenced in May of this year, receiving favorable industry reviews since being on the market.

On November 29, at Osaka Autumn Party Parade, the limited edition YT5113 will be running in front of 100 Ferraris cruising down the boulevard. The event provides an opportunity for Osaka’s achievements to reach a wider level of recognition at international level.

Under the slogan “Create New Farming,” the YT series was designed by the world renowned industrial designer Ken Okuyama, who is also a Director of Yanmar Holdings. In addition to a combine harvester which went on sale in March, followed by a rice-transplanter and a mini-power tiller which both commenced sales in summer, the innovative Premium Design product lineup is now complete.

All of these machines are colored in Yanmar Premium Red, a bolder look than the previous corporate color. This is further enhanced by their powerful looking designs. Daily work can now be more pleasurable with the well-crafted, visually appealing form that the new line-up takes, without any compromising on operability. The YT5113 employs curved glass, and offers impressive 330 degree visibility. The attention to detail that has gone into its design can also be noticed when you first set foot on the stylish-looking aluminum access steps. The YT series is also built with ease of operation in mind. High usage levers and switches are on the armrest, providing a fresh approach to tractor ergonomics. Functions and operational status are all available on the color monitor which is on the right side, allowing instantaneous accessibility.

Based on the industry proven success of the automatic transmission on previous models, it has been reworked to achieve an even greater level of usability and efficiency. Employing Yanmar’s very own clean diesel engine, which meets the latest emission regulations in Japan, the YT series provides maximum power while also minimizing environmental impact. An advanced design, built tough and with ease of use in mind. Redefining the way you think about farming, this is the sought of tractor that a farmer can rely on to get the job done at the highest levels of productivity.

YT Series Tractors

  1. Product: YT series tractors
  2. Sales start: May 2015
  3. Retail price: 8,137,800 ~ 12,447,700 Japanese yen (tax included)

Core Features

1. Status

The new and improved design gives all farmers something to be genuinely proud of. Radiant like the sun, the Premium Red color embodies Yanmar’s take it to the next level, pioneering spirit.

2. Shock Absorbing Frame for Vibration and Sound Mitigation

By utilizing a sturdy shock absorbing tractor chassis for attaching assemblies including the engine and transmission, in addition to anti vibration mountings for the engine and cab, vibrations and noise occurrence have achieved considerable reductions.

3. Maximum Comfort and Operational Ease

The air ride suspension seat included with the YT5113 and YT5101 is unparalleled in its effectiveness to mitigate vibrations. Combined with lever placements based on well-developed human engineering principles, the YT series delivers a pleasant experience for long days in the cab.

4. Comprehensive Functionality for High-level Productivity

Built with a clean, powerful Yanmar common-rail engine, RPMs and travel speeds are automatically regulated through the seamless e-CONTROL feature, delivering up to a 20% fuel reduction compared to previous models.

5. Round the Clock Machine Data Analytics

All YT series tractors are equipped with Yanmar’s SmartAssist Remote and the accompanying GPS-related technology to deliver unparalleled levels of real-time machine data analysis. From tractor performance to operating conditions and equipment positioning, all can be accessible at any given time, in a comprehensive after sales service system.

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