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Yanmar Commences Sale of Fuel and Space Saving, High-capacity Gas Turbine Generator Sets

November 30, 2015
Yanmar Energy System Co., Ltd.

The AT3600ES high-capacity gas turbine engine

Yanmar Energy System Co., Ltd. will commence Japanese sales of the ATG3000 fuel efficient, space-saving, high-capacity 3000 kVA-class, stand-by gas turbine generator sets as of December 1, 2015. It comes equipped with Yanmar’s AT3600ES gas turbine engine. The 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan caused large-scale facilities, including manufacturing plants, hospitals, and business spaces, which rely heavily on uninterrupted energy to rethink their Business Continuity Planning (BCP) processes to ensure availability of high-capacity, stand-by generators in times of need. Taking this market trend into consideration, Yanmar has continued to undertake development of high-capacity energy systems, increasing the capacity of its largest gas turbine generator sets from the previous 2500 kVA level.

Utilizing Yanmar’s already commercially available 1000 kVA-class AT1200ES gas turbine engine as the basic building blocks, the company developed the 3000 kVA-class AT3600ES gas turbine engine, effectively trimming down the space required for it, while at the same time, tweaking its level of energy efficiency. The main goal that was set out to be achieved was to maximize the benefits to this particular market segment, through an emphasis on size reduction and fuel efficiency. The principal advantage being that the ATG3000 has maintained the approximate size of previous models in the 2,000 kVA-class, yet it has also managed to achieve a level of high capacity, in the 3,000 kVA-class.

For the 2,000 kVA-class, Yanmar will provide a generator set equipped with the new AT2400ES gas turbine engine, under the new model name ATG2000. Sales for this product will also commence on December 1. Both new models were developed and manufactured by Yanmar’s Large Power Products Operations Business, ensuring that the quality is of a level found when buying Yanmar. The Yanmar Group’s involvement in its products is also comprehensive, from product planning to R&D, manufacturing, sales and service, adding another layer of reassurance.

Starting on April 1 of this year at the headquarters of YES, Yanmar’s Remote Support Center provides round the clock, telematics after-sales service. Machine performance is under constant analysis in real time, adding another level of reassurance to customers with BCPs.

Followed by the current releases, plans are underway to extend the product lineup with new diesel generator sets and gas-cogeneration systems. The company is committed to generating technological innovation, and delivering a full product lineup that caters for diverse market needs. By providing optimized solutions to customers, Yanmar aspires to create a safe and stable societal infrastructure that works towards environmental sustainability.

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