Issue of YANMAR Technical Review, latest edition

December 20, 2023
Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.

We are pleased to announce release of the latest edition of “YANMAR Technical Review” on Yanmar Japan’s official website.

Technical Papers

  • Development of Engine Technologies for Carbon-Neutral Fuels
  • Topic 1: Second Report on GHG Emission Reductions from Use of Ammonia Engines
    ~Computational Approach to Assessing Emissions of NH3-Diesel Dual-Fuel Engine~
  • Topic 2: A Study on Combustion Improvement in Dual-fuel Engine for Biogas Applications
  • Topic 3: Development of TNG Series Spark-Ignition Engines for Industry Development of Technology for Multi-Fuel Operation in Anticipation of Decarbonization
  • Motor Thermal Analysis for Electrification of Machinery
    ~Thermal Analysis of Electric Motors Using Finite Element Method and Thermal Equivalent Circuit~
  • Solutions for Reliable Oyster Farming Production
    ~Use of Biotech Practices~
  • Development of Agricultural Spraying Method with Reduced Spray Use and Improved Leaf Coverage
    ~Innovative New Technique for Tractor-Mounted Sprayers~

Product Technology

  • Achievement of Ultra-Low Noise on New ViO80-7 Hydraulic Backhoe
  • YH700M Full-Feeding Combine Harvester
    ~Development of Combine Harvester for Low-Cost and Efficient Harvesting of Crops Other than Rice~
  • Development of Emergency Generators that Resolve Value Chain Issues
    ~Remote Monitoring Services that Reassure Customers~
  • YC100 Composter for Resource Recycling Food Production

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