Yanmar Highlights International Women’s Day with a Month of Celebrations

February 8, 2024
Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.

Yanmar has designed a poster and computer assets to celebrate International Women's Day

Osaka, Japan (February 8, 2024) - Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd. is actively participating in the celebration of International Women's Day on March 8. From February 8 to March 8, Yanmar is hosting a month-long in-house event dedicated to commemorating International Women's Day. This initiative aims to foster Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) throughout the Yanmar Group.

Aligned with the Yanmar Group’s 'Diversity For YANMAR' policy, Yanmar is striving towards implementation of D&I, with a focus on the active participation of diverse and skilled professionals, irrespective of nationality, gender, and age in its global strategy.

Through the initiatives, Yanmar aims to cultivate a shared global mindset within the group and further nurture an organizational culture where every employee can flourish and contribute meaningfully in their roles.

Main Initiatives for International Women's Day Celebrations:

  1. Installation of posters at the entrance of Yanmar HQ
  2. Mimosa decorations at Yanmar HQ
  3. Launch of a dedicated International Women's Day Month internal website
  4. Distribution of virtual backgrounds/banner stickers for online meetings, special dining hall menu, and diversity training for Yanmar employees
  5. Display of key visuals and mimosa decorations at over 500 Yanmar Group locations
  6. Hosting of internal diversity workshops
Decoration at Yanmar HQ reception
International Women's Day initiatives at global sites last year
Internal website celebrating International Women’s Day.

About Yanmar

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Corporate Communications, Yanmar

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