Introducing the outline of Service Awards FY2019

This is intended for service staff in 23 companies in FY2019.
Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, the award ceremony had held at each company.

Award ceremony at each company

Mr. Jasper Stienstra

YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL B.V. based in the Netherlands is a controlling company for Yanmar's pleasure business in charge of global sales and service network. Mr. Jasper Stienstra runs the Customer Service Department and conducts daily service activities.

For the customers to choose Yanmar again

I'm managing the aftersales department of Yanmar Marine International.I'm responsible for warranty, technical training, technical support and spare parts marketing. When I started with yanmar, I didn't know the brand "Yanmar"and marine industry. I started with Yanmar as a service engineer. One of the first things I was able to do was to work on a big Yanmar engine in speed boat. Since then, I don't want to work somewhere else. It's a great product, it's a great industry, because the marine industry is very interesting, very challenging. Can you imagine working on the boat with sunglasses on in the sun? It's perfect.

What we do as a team, when we're in contact with our customers, distributers, dealers, we try to meet their expectations and sometimes exceed them.That's sometimes difficult because we're limited in resource, but we do our best looking into efficiency. That's the key in finding right answers for our customer expectations.

The most important thing is we have fun in what we do, and have a good customer focus. We want to help the customer, and we try to keep the communication between each other with our customers whichever customer that is. Especially, humor and fun are important in interacting with each other. When I started with YMI, my head was full of ideas to improve aftersales. You can not do everything at once, so making a plan to bring all those ideas to execution that was the most difficult part.You can have only so many people and so much time to bring that to strategy, to change your ideas to strategy and execute them, that's most difficult part.

YMI organization has grown significantly in a last couple of years. Mentality of YMI is “can do.” We do it good or we don't do it, because it doesn't add to the business. So it's very important for me to see within YMI's that we can do, and then we go. That's it. We act. We move forward. That's important. There is one another dream, and that is a dream of every customer support member. We as YMI want to be very open to customers about the quality of our products and services. Ultimately, we want our customers to ask our sales department for Yanmar, because the service is so good. Because selling a new engine something our sales department is good at, but selling second engine should be a result of what we as a department are doing.

The more people know about Yanmar and our products, the more likely they are to choose again. That's what we're trying to accomplish with all the things we do. With technical training, with the CRM, open us into all the knowledge of Yanmar. That's the ultimate goal by that customers choose Yanmar.

Comments from the colleagues

  • Mr. Niels Visser

    Jasper is very kind, and he is really activational and motivational. He really motivates people overcome challenges, and to get the job done.The most important thing is to have mutual understanding in the common goal we have. We make sure that we will complete this task together as a team.

  • Mr. Rene Bersee

    He is really a motivating-factor, and really wants to dig up the best of you.How you do your job, you can decide yourself. But he always keeps an eye on you that the job is done well, productively and efficiently. What is the most important is communication. Because when you're working in a team and there's no communication, it'll be nothing. We have a lot of different characters in our team. I'm a doer, I like to do things start straight away. We have also thinkers that like to think first everything through and look in complete pictures. We work very good together. He'll keep me a little bit back, and I'll push him little bit to the front. It's a very good team.

P.T. YANMAR DIESEL INDONESIA (PT.Buana Jaya Agri)(Indonesia)
FY2019 Awardee
Mr. Nofiyan Choiri

Yanmar has expanded dealer network aimed at strengthening its aftersales in Indonesia. PT.Buana Jaya Agri is one such delaership. Mr. Choiri Nofiyan conducts daily after sales work for customer's machines. Highly praised as an excellent worker based on evaluation criteria set by the local subsidiary.

For the customers satisfaction

My job is mainly to inspect the machine before it's handed over the customer. I also lecture customers how to use the machine and provide 500 hours warranty service. Our customers are mainly farmers that grow rice, wheat and handle fertilizer. I enjoy this work a lot, because I can communicate with other colleagues and end users.

I give various advice to customers about their machines based on the consultation. I explain the problem in the customer's unit in details and try to have an active communication with them. Through the conversation and communication, we become very close to each other like a friend and a family.

One customer have the rice field that is artificially irrigated and water flows all year around, so they crop 3 times in a year. They implemented Yanmar machine 3 years ago. They can now harvest and plow the field with less people in a shorter time.

I work as a service engineer because I simply love machines. I gain a lot of information by communicating with customers, for example, how to do agriculture efficiently. Indonesia has a vast farmland, I hope agriculture will develop with more machines introduced in Indonesia. I wish that I can increase customer's satisfaction through my job, for them to keep choosing Yanmar products. I will keep working hard so that I can take the customers happy.

Comments from the colleague and the customer

  • Ms. Nanda Jelita Dewi

    I get in contact with customers by a phone call and tell their repair requirement to the technical staff. After I received the service report, I input it in the system. Choiri is great teammate. He works hard as well. He is vey cooperative and on time in finishing the work. I feel happy when I am able to cope with the trouble. When I receive a claim from the customer, I communicate with the technical staffs and report it to YADIN. Customer's satisfaction leads to my satisfaction.

  • Mr. Supri

    Choiri is like a good friend of mine, so it's easy for me to ask him an advice about the machine. Once, the machine power suddenly ran down at the site. I immidiately called Choiri for a help and he repaired it promptly. Agriculture is changing rapidly. Everything was done manual in the past, but now the machines are part of the agriculture.

FY2019 Awardee
Mr. Masami Nishide

Yanmer Energy System provides comprehensive energy solutions including power generation and air conditioning. In addition to handling maintenance such as inspection and repair work, the CS Department keeps customer operations running with a continuous remote monitoring system.

For the customer relief

I generally oversee the maintenance of power generators responsible for cogeneration. This involves proposing work like inspections to customers, then giving an estimation and conducting the work. I like tinker and build things, so I went ship related school and naturally found my way to machinery manufacturer,Yanmar.

The team at Yanmar's Sendai Office led efforts after the Great East Japan Earthquake to meet the damand for power generation systems all over the Tohoku region.

Putting together such a large number of generators was particularly tough as there were other sales office to supply. I think the customers were pleased with final installation considering we did it despite restrictions like limited construction period.

There were several times it felt like hard work. For example, when I went to fix a generator and just shouldn't start. It's really hard when you don't know what to do. I feel that connecting with other people is important at Yanmar Energy System. I think I'm lucky to have good team members and people around me. They help me when I'm in trouble. It's a good environment.

It's very satisfying and a great feeling when things work after you fix them. Emergency generators aren't used on a regular basis, so I'm relieved when I hear that they worked properly during the recent spate of disasters. I'm happy that my work has been useful.

Comment from the manager

  • Mr. Kengo Katakura

    Nishide is quite a guy who approaching everything is a logical manner. He hadn't had any experience with the maintenance of gasoline engines when he arrived in Sendai. He used his extensive basic knowledge and active personality to handle several different models. After the Great East Japan Earthquake happened, as we are needed to work multiple installations, we had to take the customer's preferred commencement date and our own capacity into account in order to mutually decide on a construction period that we eventually kept.