Selection Process

Service Awards evaluate daily efforts.
Introducing the selection process and nominees until they are selected as winners.

How to evaluate

Each company sets and evaluates a selection criteria according to their country, market, and business content.
The selection criteria are mainly divided into three types. After a strict evaluation, three representatives are selected from each company.

  1. Competition Type
    Selected in a demonstration method. Proposal skills in detailed explanations and customer service are evaluated in a role-playing test. Work accuracy and efficiency are evaluated in a technical capability test.
  2. Recommendation Type
    Selected based on the recommendation of colleagues and department heads who work together with the nominee. Throughout the year, a service staff is selected to recommend in consideration of knowledge and work attitudes in customer service.
  3. Work-evaluating Type
    Selected based on quantifying and evaluating daily work reports such as customer support and the level of services provided.

Evaluating Points

The selection criteria differ for each company, but the evaluation is based mainly on the following points.

  • Technical

  • Communication

  • Work improvement

  • Contribution to
    parts sales

  • System