Yanmar Unveils the “未ル (Miru)” Animation Project
“Miru” Official Website

Why is Yanmar working on animation?
The Yanmar Group is dedicated to creating “A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE”, guided by the principle of “HANASAKA”, which values belief in people’s potential and encourages new challenges. In this project, Yanmar depicts the protagonist grappling with change, growing through interactions with robots and other characters, and altering the future. Each character’s challenge depicted in Miru resonates with HANASAKA and is seen as a step towards realizing A Sustainable Future.

In the context of a global movement towards a sustainable society, Yanmar believes that everyone has the power to shape the future and encourages viewers to take steps towards building a better future by fostering a commitment to a sustainable society.

“The future is in our hands.” This anime aims to inspire everyone to believe in this message and seeks to make a positive impact on the world.

Yanmar's in-house Design Division, which is involved in the design of Yanmar's agricultural and construction machinery as well as various graphics, was responsible for the original concept of the robot design. The Design Division looks to imagine situations where the products will be used and how they interact with the customers, to create essential designs that truly resonate with users. For this robot design, the team was conscious of incorporating a design with essential meaning, just like the company’s product designs. Based on the belief that robots exist for the sake of humans, the design combines an organic form that embraces people and a strong, functional component. Through the juxtaposition of contrasting elements, the design expresses a unique sense of aesthetics.

Original concept of the Miru robot design

Original concept of the Miru robot design

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