Horse Power 3.5 PS
Weight 145 kg
type Walk-behind rice planter

Yanmar AP4
Easy operation and easy maintenance.


  • Fuel Efficient

    Equipped with hi-power advanced OHV gasoline engine offers efficient, low consumption and powerful operation.

  • Light Weight and High Performing

    Light weighted transplanter (145kg) helps reducing operation force and making it hard to sink in deep and muddy field.

  • Easy Operation

    Compact rod-type enables easy operation and reduces maintenance cost. It has unique lifting lever helps to regulate machine’s lifting movement.

  • Stable and Precise Transplanting

    Equipped with unique hydraulic mechanism enabling the floating device to adjust and control level ground clearance.


Model AP4
Dimension Length [mm] 2190
Width [mm] 1500
Height [mm] 1034
Weight [kg] 145
Engine Model Name YANMAR MZ175
Type Air-cooled, 4-cycle, OHV Gasoline
Maximum Output [kW (PS)] 2.6 (3.5)
Displacement [cc] 171
Fuel Tank Capacity [liters] 4
Traveling Section Tread 620
Wheel Diameter [mm] 660
Shifting Forward 2 steps
Reverse 1 step
Speed (slip ratio 0%) Transplanting [m/s] 0.38-0.76
Traveling [m/s] 0.72-1.54
Transplanting Section Number of Rows 4-Rows-Type
Planting width [cm] 30
Planting pitch (slip ratio 0%) [cm] 22, 17, 15, 12
Planting Hill number / 3.3m2 50, 65, 75, 90
Planting Depth / Stage [mm] 15-40 / 6 stages
Leveling Control Automatic leveling control