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YM 351A 51PS / 357A 57PS Everything you need to get the job done.

Premium Design

  • YM series as a premium design was based on the concepts of improving workability, comfort, and operability, with YANMAR seeing its role as being to suggest new agricultural practices.
  • On YM series models, the refined and unified design was adopted so that users would be proud to own and drive them.

Powerful and fuel-efficient

Direct-Injection TNV Engine

  • YANMAR engines are recognized reliable quality and performance in various industries and are used all over the world.
  • Less susceptible to engine stalling even in traction work or other tough tasks using low speeds.
  • Fuel costs go down thanks to low fuel consumption.

Work Efficiency

Newly designed rotary tiller

  • Combined with the engine’s high output and robustness, the operator can do high speed tilling with more beautiful finishing.
  • Low fuel consumption thanks to less power loss let you save fuel cost.

Optimized speed range

  • Operator can get the best torque for the work speed, helping them finish quickly with good precision.

Synchronized Reverser

  • The operator can change to forward and reverse easily and smoothly.
  • This feature is very helpful for work that requires a lot of forward and reverse operations, such as front dozer working, or four corner finishing.

Small turning radius

  • Efficiently turn around without turning back at the end of the row and tough corners.


Consistent Design

  • Drivetrain and core parts are made with high-durability casting for long-lasting strength.

Synchronized main shift

  • There is no need to stop completely for gear shifting, which is so helpful when traveling on the road.
  • There is minimal wear on the gears, giving it excellent durability.

Independent PTO

  • The wear on the traveling clutch is reduced, improving its durability.
  • PTO can be ON/OFF regardless the tractor movement by one-touch button. The operator can avoid damaging the joint when lifting the implement.


425mm of Higher Ground Clearance

  • The tractor is quite effective for managing wet ground and dry field.

1450kgf Hydraulic Lift Capacity

  • Heavy Implement such as sugarcane planters can also be lifted up, helping the operators do a wide variety of work.

Variety of Implements

  • For dry field crops such as sugarcane, cassava, and maize, YANMAR will newly introduce implements.

Comfortable ride

Optimally allocated levers

  • The operator can use the levers comfortably without bending over.
  • The operator can get on and get down from the tractor more easily.

Deluxe Seat with Suspension

  • The operator can sit comfortably, minimizing fatigue even during lengthy workdays.