Air to Water GHP Units

This additional heat energy from the gas engine means that GHP systems can offer continuous operation without needing to defrost the outdoor unit heat exchangers, offer powerful heating even when outdoor air temperatures are low as well as providing fast heating start up.

Energy saving design

  • High efficiency gas engine heat pump
  • How water output (up to 30kW) available in cooling mode
  • Reduces electricity consumption and CO2 emissions

Ease of installation

  • Small footprint design ready for outdoor installation
  • Internal air-side and water-side heat exchangers
  • Very low electrical power consumption

Ease of operation

  • Remote change over between heating and cooling modes
  • No cooling tower maintenance or water quality issues
  • Expandable system up to 8 units (up to 570kW) with easy control

Air to Water GHP Unit Inputs and Outputs

With internal air-side and water-side heat exchangers the ECWP71J unit provides a source of cooled or heated water from the air source heat pump as well as providing an output of heated water from heat energy reclaimed from the gas engine inside the unit.

Air to Water GHP Unit Operation Modes

The unit is can operated in cooling or heating mode and switch over between operation modes can be done remotely without the need for intervention at the unit.


Model Air to water GHP
Heat pump output capacity Cooling / heating [kW] 71.0 / 80 (max)
Electrical input Cooling / heating [kW] 1.66 / 1.51
Gas input (HHV)1) Cooling / heating [kW] 67.6 / 63.4
Outlet water temperature Cooling / heating [℃] 5 to 15 / 35 to 55
Hot water output 2) In cooling mode [kW] 30.0
COP (based on primary energy) In cooling mode 3) up to 1.41
Unit dimensions 4) Width / depth / height [mm] 2100 / 800 / 2170
Power supply Supply voltage (frequency) [V(Hz)] 230V (50) single phase 5)
Weight Unit weight at shipment [kg] 1050
Gas Engine Engine type Yanmar gas engine
Specified engine lubricant Yanmar genuine GHP oil
Specified engine coolant Yanmar genuine coolant
Sound data Pressure level [dB(A)] 62
Refrigerant data Charge quantity [kg] 11.8 (R410A refrigerant)
Water side heat exchanger Type integrated into unit
Connection pipe Rc2
Water flow [L/min] 203
Pressure drop [kPA] 24
Unit colour Panel colour (Munsell number) Yanmar warm ivory (5Y7.5/1)


1) Gas consumption (Nm3/h) = Fuel consumption (kW) / HHV (kWh/Nm3)
Values given for HHV (higher heating value)

2) Optional heat recovery output

3) Heat recovery included, electricity generating efficiency 40% used

4) OD unit dimensions excluding connectors and other protrusions.

5) 220V / 240V possible with internal wire change

For other regions model availability depends on local regulations.
Specifications maybe subject to change without notice.

Air to Water GHP Unit Configuration and Major Dimensions


Air to Water GHP Units Inquiries and Support