VRF Air Conditioning Systems


Yanmar VRF GHP air conditioning systems provide powerful and efficient gas powered heating and cooling solutions for all kinds of buildings. Being mainly powered by gas, these systems greatly reduce electricity consumption and also reduce CO2 emissions as well as running costs.
Each VRF system consists of a gas driven outdoor unit connected to a number of indoor units that have been selected to suit meet the various heating and cooling demands of the building to be air conditioned.
All of these systems have small footprints and operate with renewable energy air sources making installation simple. The wide range of control options available also make it easy to manage system operation.
In addition to high efficiency standard VRF systems, Yanmar also produces heat recovery VRF systems, as well as engine heat recovery VRF systems that offer a source of free hot water from the outdoor unit.


VRF GHP System Parts

VRF GHP systems are made up of various combinations of indoor units, control devices and accessories.

Merits of GHP Systems

GHP systems provide a number of merits such as reduced electricity consumption, reduced energy consumption as well as cost savings.

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