NEXT 100

In the next 100 years, with the technologies of tomorrow.

A growing world population, food security and challenges to our environment.

Facing these problems, we look to the next 100 years.

With our business of Food Production and Harnessing Power,

Yanmar has an important duty ahead of us.

Food and Energy are nothing less than the future of society itself.

We are taking our first steps into the next 100 years.

Sustainable prosperity for all and,

A Sustainable natural environment.

YANMAR will pursue these two “sustainables” to the next level through technology,

towards a new value in the next 100years.

Robot Tractor Driverless Tractors are the Driving Force behind Tomorrow's Agriculture
SMARTASSIST World leading Information and Communications Technology to get the most out of your Agricultural Equipment.
Energy management system Providing the energy needed,where it's needed,when it's needed.
Zero Emission Building Towards a Yanmar HQ that doesn't produce CO2. A model for the future. MORE DETAILS
Tier4 Engine Ultimate goal:Make Exhaust Gas
as Clean as the Air We Breathe.