Yanmar Genuine Filter

Red on White, genuine only
The new Yanmar White Genuine Filters are built with the latest technology meeting the challenges our customers face daily. They deliver the highest standard of safety, quality, and lowest environmental impact.

Inside The Filter

Yanmar Genuine Parts are guaranteed to be the best fit and performance for your machine.

A. Double edging
Stays sealed by coupling the top and exterior plates, preventing deformation caused
B. Filter paper
Each filter uses a double-edged, high density filter paper with a special micro fiber design.
C. Perforated plate
The perforated plate is strong enough to withstand high pressure during filtration.
D. Plated
Prevents corrosion caused by moisture or water, and greatly reduces the risk of fuel leakage.

Performance and Quality Assuarance
Yanmar engines are designed to deliver the best performance by using Yanmar Genuine Parts, including filters. A Yanmar Genuine filter can help prevent degradation of the fuel injection system by preventing impurities from clogging the device. And as exhaust regulations become more strict, a Yanmar filter will become necessary to protect the machine and meet these new standards.

High Filterration performance and long life time

Reduces chance of clogging while maintaining high filtration efficiency.

Data may vary based on customer's usage environment.

Developer's Voice

What do you most look for to maintain the high performance of an engine?

Mainly three things. First, the ability to catch the various sizes of dust particles. Second, filter paper that does not interfere with water and oil flow. And third, high durability. These are the most important requirements. This Yanmar Brand Filter is the only genuine filter with the performance and durability developed for the Yanmar Engine. It is important for Yanmar and its partners to grow together in trust, and this filter is proof of Yanmar's achievements in developing that trust over the years.

Yousuke Moriyama

Small Engine Division R&D Engineering Group