Cogeneration Systems

Yanmar Cogeneration Systems Overview

Yanmar offers a wide range of cogeneration systems that provide excellent solutions for the efficient generation of electrical power and hot water. With a wide range of output capacities Yanmar cogeneration systems can be used as single units, or in multi-unit systems, to provide power and heat energy to the whole spectrum of buildings in which people live, work and play.
Yanmar also offers biogas cogeneration units for multi-unit installations. This makes it possible to efficiently generate electricity and heat even when the amount of available biogas is fluctuating.

Typical Applications for Cogeneration Systems

Cogeneration Mechanism and Merits

A generation unit and a cogeneration unit both produce electrical power but in a cogeneration system heat is reclaimed from the engine to produce a supply of heated water that can be used outside of the unit. By reclaiming this heat the overall primary energy efficiency greatly increases, this brings several other advantages including lower energy costs and reductions in CO2 and other emissions.



This is also true for most remotely generated commercial power systems where, in addition to the conversion loss, there are also distribution losses in the power grid system.

In this example cogeneration gives a much higher energy efficiency over commercial grid power as well as giving lower energy costs and reduced CO2 emissions.

Energy cost savings

CO2 emissions reduction

Power generation using gaseous fuel, such as natural gas, has a lower impact on the environment compared to many other commonly used fuels. This benefit is further enhanced by the use of a high efficiency cogeneration system such as the Yanmar micro cogeneration unit.

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