CP Micro-cogeneration Systems
- models for biogas

The Yanmar WE series of CP micro-cogeneration units includes 25kW electrical output models for biogas of different methane concentrations. Using these units in multi-unit installations the number of units in operation can be controlled according to the availability of biogas to maintain high total efficiency.

The WE series is shown here as a 'representative' series, for other models for specific regions please consult with Yanmar.

WE series unit availability depends on product stock levels.

Depending on the region Yanmar WE series CP micro-cogeneration units for biogas can provide:

  • Power and hot water from biogas
  • Carbon neutral energy
  • Power export and sales
  • High efficiency even with varying amounts of biogas


Model Bio gas CP Models
Output Rated output1) [kW] 25.02)
Frequency [Hz] 50
Voltage [V] 400 AC
Current (supplied to load per phase) [A] 35.4 AC
Phases / wires 3 phase / 4 wire
Power factor [%] 97 or more
Heat recovery Recovered heat [kW] 40.6 38.7
Hot water outlet temperature [C] Maximum 85
Hot water flow rate [L/min] 116 110.0 3)
Efficiency Overall / generation / heat recovery [%] 84.0 / 32.0 / 52.0 84.0 / 33.0 / 51.0
Input power supply Supply voltage [V] 400 AC (200 AC inside CP unit)
Starting current [A] 46.0 (average)
Power consumption Fan OFF / fan ON / heater ON4) [kW] 0.93 / 1.35 / 0.75
Bio gas fuel Density of methane [%] 60 to 70 80 to 90
Gas consumption LHV5) [A] 78.1 75.8
Supply pressure for fuel gas [kPA] 1.5 to 2.5
Unit dimensions 6) Width / depth / height [mm] 2150 / 800 / 2060 including exhaust
Weight Including lubricant and coolant [kg] 1320
Sound pressure Maximum at rated load with Fan OFF / ON 7) [dB(A)] 62.0 / 64.0
Usage conditions Ambient temperature [C] -5 to +40
Relative humidity [%] 80 or less
Altitude [m] 2000 or less (down rating setting for over 300m)
Gas engine Engine type Yanmar bio gas engine Yanmar bio gas engine
Specified engine lubricant Yanmar genuine GHP oil
Specified engine coolant Yanmar genuine GHP coolant
Generator Type Compact and light weight permanent magnet generator
Grid connection Connection method High efficiency inverter grid connection
Output heat exchanger Type Stainless steel with brazed plate construction
Servicing Interval 6,000 hours
Operation Operation modes Flexible cogeneration with internal radiator for power led operation


1) Heat recovery and efficiency values given are for rated output in standard atmospheric conditions.

2) Power consumption is included.

3) Maximum flow rate is 116 L/min

4) Heater is for cold areas (ambient temperature 5C or less)

5) Tolerance of +/- 5% is not included

6) OD unit dimensions excluding connectors and other protrusions

7) Maximum taken from measurements at 1.0m from unit at 1.2m above the ground in an anechoic room simulation

For other regions model availability depends on local regulations.
Specifications maybe subject to change without notice.

Bio-gas CP Micro-cogeneration Unit Configuration and Major Dimensions


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