Cogeneration System function and benefits

The Yanmar Ene Power (EP) cogeneration system is a mid-range output cogeneration system that uses gas to generate electricity with hot water, or electricity with hot water and steam. With its world-class power generation efficiency and flexible heat reclamation, very high total efficiency can be achieved by integrating the Yanmar EP cogeneration system package into a suitable application. This high efficiency typically gives reduced energy costs and reduced CO2 emissions.

In order to make this integration with other systems as simple as possible the Yanmar EP system package has been designed to contain all the key elements within the system package envelope. In addition, the system package design is flexible enough to allow installation in two separate parts to allow for optimization of the installation layout.

The EP cogeneration system also comes with an optional blackout start function, for applications where power security is a key consideration this adds another level to the benefits to be obtained by installing the Yanmar EP cogeneration system.

EP operation and key features

EP systems operate by using energy from gas to power a gas engine that is used to drive the EP synchronous electrical generator. During operation heat from the gas engine is reclaimed for hot water heating using heat exchangers, and optionally heat from the engine exhaust can also be reclaimed to make steam in an exhaust gas heat exchanger.

The gas engine used in EP systems is a unique design that uses Yanmar's high efficiency and low NOX lean burn gas engine technology. This engine also features intercooled turbocharging for even higher performance. Other components in the system package like the synchronous generator, heat exchangers and steam exhaust gas heat exchanger are all designed for high efficiency, and the whole package has been designed and tested to ensure reliability of the EP system as a whole.

By making the EP system a self-contained package system, installation is very simple and there is also the option of splitting the package so that the hot water and exhaust heat exchanger section can be installed separately to the engine and generator section.

EP operation and key features

Yanmar EP systems are ideal for hotels, hospitals, factories and other applications where there is significant demand for electrical power and heat.