November 22th, 2017 | PRODUCT

YANMAR auxiliaries provide power for biggest trawler in Norway

MV Granit is the biggest and newest factory stern trawler in Norway, featuring the latest technology in offshore fishing. Committed to high-tech, state-of-the-art power solutions, YANMAR has been chosen as the preferred supplier of the auxiliary generators aboard. MV Granit is equipped with an auxiliary engine package, consisting of two YANMAR auxiliary generating sets. The two 6-cylinder engines, type 6EY22ALW, with a cylinder bore of 220mm and a stroke of 320 mm produce an electric power of 1100kW each.(1180 kWm).

From Turkey to Norway

The 81.2m long, 16.6m beam Mv. Granit was built at the Tersan shipyard in Turkey to a Skipsteknisk ST-117l design. Early September 2017, she arrived at her new owner, Halstensen Granit AS in Bekkjarvik in Norway, some 50 km south of Bergen. The ship has a 6960kW main engine driving a 4200mm diameter CPP propeller, accommodates a 38-strong crew and has a hospital on board. The new Mv. Granit replaces an older trawler with the same name, which has now been sold to a new owner in New Zealand.

Fresh seafood production

Mv. Granit is a fishing vessel equipped for both white fish and shrimp, with all catches processed on board. She is able to tow up to three trawls for shrimp, two for white fish. Designed for operation in the Barents Sea and off the coasts of Norway and Greenland, the crew will produce ready-made white fish filets, and catch, sort, and cook shrimp and pack them in cartons. The products are sold into 47 countries by Brødrene Sperre AS, a Norwegian leading supplier of frozen deep-sea fish and sea-frozen white fish, as well as salted and dried fish.