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Yanmar Launches New SA Series Utility Tractors

June 28, 2022
Yanmar America Corporation

Yanmar has unveiled its new SA utility tractors.

Adairsville, Georgia (June 28, 2022) - Yanmar America Corporation has released the new edition of its SA series of multi-purpose compact tractors. With input from its tractor owners, Yanmar has delivered significant performance upgrades to this rugged and reliable tractor series.
“The SA series of tractors is designed for those who share our passion for the land and believe in working that land the right way,” said Jon Richardson, Director of Yanmar America’s Rural Lifestyle Division. “With this redesign of the SA series, we have delivered greater comfort and productivity so customers can do more on their land.”
The all-new SA series went on sale in the US market from June 1st, 2022.

The SA Series Tractors

The new SA series promises precise control with a unique combination of horsepower and efficiency. Yanmar’s all new SA223 (net power 19.4 HP), SA325 (21.7 HP) and SA425 (21.7 HP) are powered by Yanmar’s own powerful and reliable, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, clean diesel engine. Assembled in the USA in Yanmar’s state-of-the-art Adairsville facility, all models come with Yanmar’s 10 year/3000 hour limited powertrain warranty.

  • SA223
    The SA223 offers superior performance in a compact tractor with dual range speeds, differential lock as standard and True Position Control on the 3-point hitch.

  • SA325, 425
    The SA325 and SA425 feature dual rear remote valve and 12V outlet as standard, to facilitate usage of a wide range of implements and accessories, including those using hydraulic power.

The SA series’ features include:
Powerful and efficient clean diesel engine
Designed and manufactured by Yanmar with Japanese engineering and quality, the SA series is powered by Yanmar’s own powerful and reliable, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, clean diesel engine. These proven workhorses deliver compact, durable power with clean emissions, low fuel consumption, and low noise and vibration.

10 year/3000 hour limited powertrain warranty
All new tractor purchases come with Yanmar’s 10 year/3000 hour limited powertrain warranty*.

Performance Link Technology™
All the major drivetrain components — the engine, transmission, and axles — are made in-house and are built to work perfectly together for a hardworking machine with more useable horsepower, less power loss, and a smoother, more comfortable ride.

A large, comfortable operator’s station provides easy access to all controls, while the hydrostatic transmission, with convenient side-by-side pedals, allows smooth operation over a wide range of terrain and implements. Hydraulic power steering makes for less operator fatigue.

The SA series is packed with performance upgrades like dual range speeds, standard differential lock and Yanmar’s proprietary True Position Control technology for accurate and precise control of implement operating height. With a large selection of implements to get work done efficiently, the SA series is a versatile platform that can perform a wide range of work.

The all new Yanmar SA325 (left) and SA425 (right) compact utility tractors.

Yanmar will also supply its SA series and YT3 series multi-purpose compact tractors for ground management at Truist Park, home of the Atlanta Braves, 2021 World Champion.

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