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HANASAKA MURAL is art that anyone can easily enjoy. Art is not something to be appreciated only in museums, nor something that belongs only to someone else. Mural, wall art, is still unfamiliar in Japan, but we hope that many works of art will be born from this place and bloom in the world. With this in mind, we have named the project HANASAKA which means “to make flowers bloom” in Japanese. YANMAR has been supporting the next generation of athletes, and now we are expanding our support to artists who inspire people with our HANASAKA MURAL.



Artist Comment

The twelfth work in the series of paintings made by combining images, particularly stones. This time I painted stones and woodchips that I found while strolling through Nagai Park, in addition to stones brought to me by locals, particularly children. Starting with a rough sketch, it gradually morphed into an image of the impatient wait for spring. (It was freezing!) It would delight me to see these fallen pebbles that would normally not catch anyone’s attention became a huge painting, surprise someone, become commonplace without explanation, or even to have someone suddenly blurt out “what in the world is this?” while laughing.

About the work

simo’s OBJECT series will appear on the HANASAKA MURAL. The gallery will see the pebbles found around our town scaled up into a massive mural and simo’s unique use of color and obsession with detail poured wholeheartedly into these works. Within a limited time period, simo took stones gathered by locals and used them as inspiration for the creation of these murals.


simo (Kyosuke Shimogori)

simo was born in Ōita Prefecture in 1988 and currently lives in Osaka Prefecture. He is a painter and a muralist.
He is also a member of the artist units WHOLE9, SIMIZ-PAMO and KAOMANGAI.
His focus is mainly on materials in nature, and the colors, shapes, reflection and refraction of light found in sceneries containing such materials. The images he collects are interlaced on the canvas and connected in an abstract way.
simo does not stick to a particular style but continuously experiments with objects and phenomena that attract him at the time to paint in a pleasing way.
In recent years, he has been developing series such as 'shape of lights', overlaid depictions of light on shaped canvases, and 'OBJECT', a display of original objects created by combining images of stones collected as his life’s work.

Major works

・2023: Private Exhibition ‘INSIDE and OUT’ at CASO Lounge
・2020: Created murals for SEMBA MURAL PARK
・2020: Provided visual works for the 30th anniversary of the founding of FM Oita

Mural Produce: WALL SHARE Inc.


September 2023
Beastmode Cosmic Sqwad created by METAFORTRESS
June 2023
untitled created by KAC
December 2022
untitled created by JUN INOUE
August 2022
untitled created by PHIL
April 2022


Yodoko Sakura Stadium
1-1 Nagaikoen, Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka, 546-0034




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