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HANASAKA MURAL is art that anyone can easily enjoy. Art is not something to be appreciated only in museums, nor something that belongs only to someone else. Mural, wall art, is still unfamiliar in Japan, but we hope that many works of art will be born from this place and bloom in the world. With this in mind, we have named the project HANASAKA which means “to make flowers bloom” in Japanese. YANMAR has been supporting the next generation of athletes, and now we are expanding our support to artists who inspire people with our HANASAKA MURAL.


Beastmode Cosmic Sqwad

Artist Comment

This is the first mural that we, Metaphortress, have created in Japan, and it depicts each of our signature characters, Woes’s panda, Jose Mertz’s tiger, and dragon76’s dragon, transformed into beasts.
To date, we have created murals in Woes’s birthplace Hawaii and Miami where Jose Mertz is based, and we were very moved to have the opportunity to create one in Dragon76’s home country of Japan this time.
We have created a work we are truly proud of, in which our unique styles and identities are well balanced and in harmony with one another!
We hope many people will come and take a look!

About the work

“Beastmode Cosmic Sqwad” is reminiscent of the world of sci-fi movies on a grand scale.
This work was created using skilled brushwork and spray-can control, and you can fully immerse yourself in the artists’ attractive style, which they have honed while pursuing their own mode of expression.
Furthermore, the work’s composition that features the three characters, each considered the signature of their respective artist, all wearing powerful expressions and looking straight ahead can be seen as a statement of intent towards the future they will carve out together while in harmony with one another.




DRAGON76 a.k.a. THE DRAGON (NY, from Japan), WOES a.k.a. THE PANDA (LA, from Hawaii) JOSE MERTZ a.k.a. THE TIGER (Miami, from Miami)
This art crew combines the unique identities of the three artists into the characters they each create through murals, canvases, and designs.
Their collaboration that emphasizes perfection and unity brings new dimensions to the originality of each artist, each of whom is already widely acclaimed on the US street art scene, and together they are constructing a vision of new evolved world.

Major works

・2017: opened “WU-TANG: THE SAGA CONTINUES” exhibition at Art Basel in collaboration with the Wu-Tang Clan
・2020: created a mural at the World Wide Walls mural festival in Honolulu, Hawaii
・2022: created a mural live at ILLfest in Austin, Texas

Mural Produce: WALL SHARE Inc.


June 2023
untitled created by KAC
December 2022
untitled created by JUN INOUE
August 2022
untitled created by PHIL
April 2022


Yodoko Sakura Stadium
1-1 Nagaikoen, Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka, 546-0034




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