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Four Yamaoka Hanasaka Academy Graduates Become Pro-Footballers in Project to Support Thai Students’ Academic and Football Activities

January 30, 2019
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Mr.Hiroaki Morishima, President of Cerezo Osaka, Mr.Nobuyoshi Fujita, Director of YHA, Mr.Surachai Jaturapattarapong, BGFC Director together with 4 YHA students - Mr.Phattrayut Noree, Mr.Pongrawit Jantawong, Mr.Tanin Kiatlertham and Mr.Tawan Khotsupho (from left to right)

YAMAOKA HANASAKA ACADEMY (YHA) was established by Yanmar group in collaboration with Bangkok Glass Group, BG Pathum United and Cerezo Osaka, a partner club of BG Pathum United and a team in the J-League, Japan’s top football league. The objective is to focus on developing the football skills of disadvantaged Thai students who have a passion for the sport, by providing both academic and sporting opportunities and giving them the opportunity to realize their dream of becoming professional footballers. It is also hoped that this will improve football in Thailand.

“I get a lot out of seeing the development of the kids doing what they love and giving them opportunities to realize their potential.” said Nobuyoshi Fujita, the director of YHA. “In accordance with the aims of Magokichi Yamaoka, we aim to reach out to more students and help them pursue their dreams here in Thailand.”

YHA was established in 2016 and has been continuously developed to realize its goal of becoming one of the premium football academies in Thailand. YHA has an outstanding performance record and sets international standards as an academy football club. The youth players attend practice with professional players from Bangkok Glass Group, BG Pathum United and Cerezo Osaka, a leading football club in Japan’s top football league, J-League.

“BG Pathum United is honored to be part of the development of youth players in YHA. The support of YHA provides the club with players of outstanding skill with useful techniques to help realize the club’s goal of becoming a top-class team in Thailand. This support is not limited to football only, but also extends to education, language skills, training facilities and living space which is very significant for the youth players,” said BGFC director, Surachai Jaturapattarapong.

BG Pathum United is managed by BGFC Sport Co., Ltd. a subsidiary of Bangkok Glass – Thailand and ASEAN’s largest Glass manufacturer, following a takeover of Krung Thai Bank F.C. in 2009. Yanmar has been a sponsor of BGPU since 2015.

Another significant contribution to the youth players in YHA is from Cerezo Osaka, one of the top football clubs in Japan’s top football league, J-League. The team name Cerezo, means cherry blossom in Spanish, which also is the official flower of Osaka. The team also opened a football clinic in Thailand for children who are at kindergarten to junior high school, in 2018. The number of the students has now grown to more than 200.

"I have had a love for football since I was a kid, so I truly understand that being able to do what you love and pursue your dream is the most wonderful thing. I’m so pleased and delighted that Cerezo Osaka has this opportunity to help these kids pursue their dreams. From what I have seen, these kids have great football skills, so I hope a positive project like this can be continually supported." said Hiroaki Morishima, President of Cerezo Osaka.

This March 2019, 16 youths will graduate from YHA, with 4 of them to be signed as professional football players. Two of those will join Cerezo Osaka Football Club. The achievements of the past 4 years have brought so much joy to the youths, the coaches, the youths’ families along with the supporters: YHA, Yanmar Group, Bangkok Glass Group, BG Pathum United and Cerezo Osaka. These YHA partnerships share the common purpose: “to continue developing and create inspiration for Thai football”

On this occasion, a special football match will be held between BG Pathum United and Cerezo Osaka as partner in support of football for youth at Leo Stadium on January 30, 2019 at 18.00 hrs.


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