Yanmar actively supports various marine sports as one of its activities in the marine domain, which is closely related to its business.
We aim to realize a society filled with rich and fulfilling experiences which is one of the future visions of A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. One of our initiatives is our own sailing team, Yanmar Racing. It has been competing in the International Dragon Class since 2018.

Yanmar Racing

Yanmar Racing is composed of 3 crew, an experienced crew and young sailors. Peter Gilmore, the skipper, a world-renowned sailor who has competed in the America's Cup and on the World Match Racing Tour. Sam Gilmore, Peter's son and an up-and-coming sailor who is currently competing on the World Match Racing Tour. Yasuhiro Yaji, a world-class sailor and team director. The three big name sailors will compete in races together for Yanmar Racing. Yaji has been sailing with Peter Gilmore for 20 years in competitions such as the America's Cup and the World Match Racing Tour.

Yasuhiro Yaji

A team director who has experienced world-class sailing races with Mr. Peter Gilmore for many years.

Sam Gilmore

A up-and-coming sailor who is also active in world match races. He is also Peter's son.

Peter Gilmore

A skipper who plays the role of a control tower. A world-famous veteran sailor with experience in big races such as the America's Cup and the World Match Racing Tour.

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