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Yanmar's Soil Management Activities in Japan

Nowadays, the stable production of safe, high quality produce is even more crucial than ever before. Meeting these market demands means ensuring healthy soil to grow your crops, which is why we are working together with our customers to create solutions for soil management.

What We're Aiming for in Soil Management

1. Healthy Growth Improve nutrient uptake for enhanced crop growth
2. Reduce Input Costs Rethinking current fertilizing methods to decrease waste, therefore reducing costs
3. Stabilize Production Conduct regular soil tests to improve the management of soils and enable stable production each year

Leveraging Our Expert Knowledge to Develop the Perfect Fertilization Methods to Match Your Soil

At Yanmar we understand that there is an infinite variety of farm lands and crop types, each requiring a unique approach to fertilization and soil management. The first step to successful farming is to consult a soil technician and get a professional soil test.

Yanmar's Soil Diagnosis

Get Help from Our Soil Experts

A soil technician is essential if you want to find the right solution for soil management.At Yanmar we have a large number of our soil experts and advisors based all over Japan. Of the 2,500 persons in Japan who are registered and certified for soil testing by the Japan Soil Association, 950 are based here in Yanmar. Having conducted over 3,000 soil assessments across Japan, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge for helping our customers succeed.

Certified soil experts and advisors In Japan No.1
Basic Soil Test

After Testing We Will Devise the Best Fertilization and Farming Methods to Optimize your Soil

Soil quality is determined by the complex arrangement of physical, biological and chemical properties.
Creating the optimal balance in all three areas is the key to achieving healthy soil. At Yanmar we utilize the findings from the soil tests to determine the optimal fertilization and farming methods for your land and crops, providing you with a detailed soil improvement plan.

Soil Improvement

Basic Soil Test

The basic soil test is conducted utilizing pH and EC meters to analyze the acidity and fertility of your soils.

Testing Process

Incorrect pH levels will Affect Plant Growth

Incorrect pH levels will Affect Plant Growth

Determine the Optimum Range

Optimum Range for Soils

Comprehensive Soil Test

The comprehensive soil test involves extracting soils for detailed analysis at our center. Our soil technicians will then prepare an analysis report and devise a fertilizer a pplication and farming improvement plan based on the findings.

Your Soil Test Report

Soil analysis report

In addition to soil analysis, we will also provide you with expert advice on ways to improve your productivity and fertilizer application in a soil analysis report.

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