Effortless operation with a joystick.

ViO12 is a compact machine that is only 830 mm in width.
Do you want to run operations that go smoothly because of a small compact machine?
The machine provides excellent operability that matches such requirements of worksites.


The ViO12 is equipped with joysticks on both sides of the seat: It enhances comfortability and productivity.

Ultra-small turning radius

Extended undercarriage: the front part of the upper frame doesn't exceed the width of the crawlers with swing.

Clean and silent


The ViO12 is equipped with a YANMAR diesel engine 3TNV70 which delivers a power of 9.3 kW and has a torque of 52 Nm.
This has significantly improved the performance of the machine.

YANMAR's original sliding variable undercarriage

Sliding variable undercarriage

YANMAR’S mini excavator allows ease of access to narrow places and ensures stable workability. The mini excavator is strongly built and does not wobble (or shake) when the undercarriages are extended to the maximum.
Moreover, when the distance between the undercarriages is extended, the mini excavator forcibly discharges the mud in the sliding pipes,thus performing highly efficient work in any place regardless of the size of the area.

Simple folding variable blade

The hinged blade extensions are permanently fixed on the blade. No tools are necessary to quickly change the position, and there are no risks of losing the lock pin.

Operator can get on and off from both the right and left side of the machine.


A walk-through is provided in the operator space so that the operator can get in and out easily.
The operator can get in and out of the machine from the opposite side even when working right next to walls.

High stability

Wide undercarriage width

The ViO12 has an operating weight of 1235 kg and the longest undercarriage of its class with 1440 mm. The machine is more stable with heavy loads or attachments.
This is very important for key applications for this type of mini excavator, such as demolition.

An external flange track roller

The mini excavator has an external flange track roller that reduces the vibration when the machine is running.

Expansibility of usage


ViO12 is perfectly adapted for the restoration of houses.