Easy to use, inspect, and maintain

Large space for unrestricted operation

Even a zero tail swing, large operation space of ViO 17 provides easy and unrestricted operating space. It reduces operating stress and fatigue.

Broad range of sight for safe and comfortable operation

The standard, lightweight canopy complies with ROPS and FOPS standards to protect the operator in case the excavator rolls over and from falling objects. No wall hinders the view. Work is safe and efficient.

1. External power outlet (12V)

Can also be used to charge cell phones.

2. Improvement in ease of fueling

Allows fueling in an easy posture.

The opening of the fuel tank is located in front of the control lever on the right side. The Mini Excavator can be fueled with ease from a polyethylene fuel tank placed on the driver's seat floor.

3. Safety lever mechanism

Prevents risks resulting from abrupt malfunctions.

● Neutral Lever Lock

The Mini Excavator is provided with safety levers that lock the movement such as operation of the excavating, turning and running of Mini Excavator.

● Engine Neutral Start Mechanism

The engine does not start unless the lever is locked, thus preventing the abrupt movement of the Mini Excavator resulting from malfunctions.

4. Large traveling pedal

Large traveling pedals make it much more easier & more comfortable for the operator.

5. Walk-through

Easy to get on & off

Get on & off from either side.

6. Wrist control lever

Ensures ease of operation and smooth work.

Lever operation from the wrist and the armrest alleviate the fatigue of a long workday.

7. Manual case

All manuals are right there!

The space behind the backrest of the seat accommodates manuals, magazines, and booklets with ease.

8. ROPS*1/FOPS*2 four pillar canopy

Meets international protection standards to ensure safer work than ever before.

  • ※1ROPS: Roll-Over Protective Structure(A structure to protect the operator wearing a seat belt, in case the machine rolls over)
  • ※2FOPS: Falling Object Protective Structure.

Simple engine access brings major improvements to maintenance efficiency.

Daily inspection

You can open the hood at the back to quickly inspect/refill engine oil, clean the air cleaner, and fill in the coolant sub-tank.

Hydraulic equipment and return filter maintenance

You can remove the left side-cover to easily access and maintain the hydraulic equipment and return filter. In addition, you can easily replace the return filter without getting your hands dirty as the filter is a cartridge.

Starter motor and generator maintenance

You can open the cover below the operator's seat to easily access and maintain the battery, starter motor, and generator.

Fuel tank and radiator maintenance

You can remove the right side-cover to easily access and maintain the fuel tank and radiator.

Vi017 corresponds to many other functions.

  • These functions differ depending on the region. Please contact your YANMAR dealer for further information.
Pattern change valve (2way/4way)

Pattern change valve (2way/4way)

P.T.O. specification (VAE *pipe)

P.T.O. specification (VAE *pipe)

  • [P.T.O. specification] VAE : Attachment pipe on the arm end

Steel crawler