Reliable and safe operability, Easy maintenance and service

Even a zero tail swing, large operation space of ViO 17 provides easy and unrestricted operating space. It reduces operating stress and fatigue.

The standard, lightweight canopy complies with ROPS and FOPS standards to protect the operator in case the excavator rolls over and from falling objects. No wall hinders the view. Work is safe and efficient.

1. Walk-Through

It can be easily accessed from both sides.

2. Wrist control lever

Simple operation and smooth work.

3. 3 Hydraulic pump system

Smooth performance of all operations, even operating the boom and the arm at the same time while turning.

4. Safety lever system

When the lever is pulled, all operations will be locked. The engine can only be started when it is locked, preventing accidental operation.

ROPS*1/FOPS*2 four pillar canopy

The safety system that meets ISO standards secures the safety of operator.

Bottom protector

The corners are covered with highstrength cast iron to prevent damage.

  • ※1ROPS: Roll-Over Protective Structure (A structure to protect the operator wearing a seat belt, in case the machine rolls over)
  • ※2FOPS: Falling Object Protective Structure

Simple engine access brings major improvements to maintenance efficiency.

1. One-touch opened rear hood

Quickly check and refill engine oil, clean the air filter, and refill engine coolant for daily maintenance.

2. Full-opened left cover

Hydraulic equipment and return filter can be easily accessed for daily maintenance.

3. Full-opened right cover

Easy access to the radiator

4. Opened cover under the seat

Easy access to battery, cell motor and generator.

5. Smooth refueling

The fuel flap is located next to the right operating lever for safer and easier refueling.

6. Cylinder hose (New design)

Easy to replace hoses and reduce maintenance time and cost.

Vi017-1 corresponds to many other functions.

  • These functions differ depending on the region. Please contact your YANMAR dealer for further information.

Pattern change valve (2way/4way)

P.T.O. specification (VAE *pipe)

  • [P.T.O. specification] VAE : Attachment pipe on the arm end

Steel crawler