Various abilities required on worksites all packed into one machine.

The compact & powerful ViO17-1 exhibits outstanding work performance in narrow worksites. Easy to use, reliable, and safe.The mini excavator works smoothly while fulfilling all of its required duties on the worksite.

No overhang and care-free turning

The rear does not extend over machine width. Work near walls can be done safely and smoothly.

  • At the maximum width

Sliding variable undercarriage

width at the maximum 1280mm at the minimum 950mm

Sliding variable undercarriage can get machine into narrow areas.

Adjustable blade

YANMAR original pin detachable and foldable blade provides easy width change with no risk to lose the blade extensions.

Clean & silent

engine model 3TNV70-XBV engine output 10.1kW
* Picture of engine shown for illustration purpose only.

Equipped with an eco-friendly engine

With the environment and people in mind, YANMAR's clean emission TNV engine is quiet, while also providing plenty of power

3 Hydraulic Pump System

Smooth performance of all operations, even operating the boom and the arm at the same time while turning.

Bottom protector

The corners are covered with highstrength cast iron to prevent damage.

Spring steel cylinder rod guards

The cylinder rod is protected by the spring steel structure. Scratches caused by debris or collision are greatly reduced thanks to the spring steel's ability to absorb impact. Additionally, they are highly durable and unlikely to bend, giving the operator a sense of safety. Metal sheeting shields the cylinder tubes providing full protection to cylinders,regardless of whether they are extended or retracted.

Blade cutting edge

Made with highly tensile and durable steel.

Built-in LED boom light

Brighter and long lifetime.

A well-balanced work range

Maximum digging height 3690mm Maximum dumping height 2620mm Minimum dumping height 1010mm Maximum digging depth 2210mm

The bucket can dig deeper, and its operation range also includes the area in front of it. The minimum dump height is enough to dump materials into a truck, so the continuous work of digging → turning → dumping is smooth.