Improved fuel consumption

To make this excavator more fuel-efficient than previous models, we used an electronic control to make the engine more energy-efficient, and optimize the hydraulic circuit in our new hydraulic system.

Comparison of fuel consumption and workload for 1L of fuel in conventional excavators:

[ ViO30-6B ]


[ ViO35-6B ]

  • Based on our research and measurement methods.

Eco-friendly engine complies with emission regulations

Maintain engine speed on any type of jobsite

Isochronous control

When the engine starts to slow down due to a heavy load, the computer responds immediately by increasing the amount of fuel injection. Work efficiency does not decrease even when the excavator is carrying a significant load, and the machine operates at the set speed without slowing down the engine.

Auto deceleration

If the operation lever stays in neutral for more than 4 seconds, the engine speed will automatically change to low idle.
The engine speed will automatically revert to the original speed once the operation lever is moved.

Eco-mode function

Reduces fuel consumption by reducing the maximum engine speed by approximately 15%.