Ease of operation with a well appointed operator's station

Reclining seat

Reclining seat

Comes equipped with a operator's manual cases at the back of the seat.

Utility box

External power outlet (12V)

External power outlet (12V)

Hood handle

Can also be used to charge cell phone.

Retractable seatbelt

Spacious leg room

A roomy cab makes it ideal for long working hours

Easy to recognize and use levers and switches placed to the right side

The large LCD display includes an LED backlight, that makes it enable for the operator to easily check information in the low light conditions.

Easy to find out essential information related to operational status and errors, by an easy to read monitor, LED indicator lamps and buzzer.

LCD monitor sample screen

:0.5 to 2 hours
■■ :2.0 to 4 hours
■■■ :4.0 to 8 hours
■■■■ :8 hours and over

1 months operation time is displayed *

Daily operation hours separated by AM/PM

  • Displays up to 3 months