More economical for greater customer-satisfaction

This smart and user-friendly ViO machine provides superior comfort, and is aimed at satisfying a variety of work site requirements a best machine can provide.
Thanks to its low fuel consumption and high work efficiency, the product is more economica as compared to the conventional products, and is sure to match all your expectations.

Improved fuel consumption

To make this excavator more fuel-efficient than previous models, we used an electronic control to make the engine more energy-efficient, and optimize the hydraulic circuit in our new hydraulic system.

Comparison of fuel consumption and workload for 1L of fuel in conventional excavators:

[ ViO50-6B ]


[ ViO55-6B ]

  • Based on our research and measurement methods.

Auto deceleration

If the operation lever stays in neutral for more than 4 seconds, the engine speed will automatically change to low idle.
The engine speed will automatically revert to the original speed once the operation lever is moved.

Eco-mode function

Reduces fuel consumption by reducing the maximum engine speed by approximately 15%.

Eco-friendly engine complies with emission regulations

Maintain engine speed on any type of jobsite

Isochronous control

When the engine starts to slow down due to a heavy load, the computer responds immediately by increasing the amount of fuel injection. Work efficiency does not decrease even when the excavator is carryng a significant load, and the machine operates at the set speed without slowing down the engine.

Clean diesel engine

These 2 models are powered by YANMAR TNV series diesel engines, equipped with the latest electronically controlled direct injection technologies designed for clean emission and powerful output.

  • Picture of engine shown for illustration purpose only.